History of English

You can listen to the below files using RealAudio. This is for in-class use: OE and ME


The Old English ones available are:

Excerpt from Beowulf: OE version by J.B.Bessinger Jr; Modern version,read by Seamus Heaney Caedmon's Hymn from the Norton page; OE version read by J.B.Bessinger Jr
The Wanderer, from the Norton site; or read by J.B.Bessinger Jr Wulf and Eadwacer: read by J.B Bessinger Jr
The Lord's Prayer on Youtube.
Riddle 32: Real Audio

The Middle English ones:
Gawain (read by Alex Jones): ll. 691 >>
Piers Plowman (read by Alex Jones): ll. 1-28 Layamon (read by R Allen and B Cottle): ll. 1 >>
Sumer is icumen in from `Medieval English Lyrics': Gerald English and Chris Wellington


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