Spring 2017, Salzburg, Austria

Elly van Gelderen


An image from the Lindisfarne Gospels

Part 1: Introduction to Grammaticalization

The main reading for this segment will be Hopper & Traugott's (2003) first three chapters.

Reading and other material: Handout 1; Hopper & Traugott 2003; Grammaticalization and Evolution; and Heine & Kuteva 2002; Practice


Part 2: More Grammaticalization; Quick intro to OE; Grammaticalization and Generative Grammar

Readings: van Gelderen 2004; Chapters 1 and 2 (pp. 12-81) of a textbook; Handout 2 or ppt; Schluter 2010 and practice with Orosius and corpora (COCA and COHA). Optional reading: Heine & Kuteva 2005;van Gelderen 2011

Part 3: Quick intro to Middle English; Insights from the Minimalist Program

Readings: More from the textbook; Where did Late Merge go; Roberts & Roussou (2003); and practice with `The Lion'; mood particles and how.


Parts 4 and 5: Linguistic Cycles

Readings and other materials: ppt; Hodge 1970; and van Gelderen 2013. The Negative (Jager 2009), Aspect (Sims 2013) and CP Cycles (van Gelderen 2009)