Syntax, September 2019

University of Science and Technology Beijing

Elly van Gelderen, Arizona State University




Textbook; textbook in doc for whch you need Arborwin

Basic Grammar book

E-tools for syntax

There are no exams in this class but just in case you wanted to see:

Exam 1 studyguide

Earlier exam

Extra on Reichenbach

Exam 2 studyguide and last year's

Special Topics: TMA and Reflexives

Homework will be posted

HW 1


HW 3

HW 4


OED online (ASU only) and Linguistic Lexicon

COCA and Micase and BNC and Childes

Chomsky talk

WALS and glossing conventions

Free online textbooks: Basic English Syntax with Exercises is available here and The syntax of natural language: An online introduction here.

Links to Chomsky videos:

Link to the Feb 22-2017 Lecture:

Link to the Feb 15-2017 Lecture:

Link to the Feb 8-2017 Lecture: