Hikes for ISB 2003

Superstition Wilderness Hikes

Hike A: Black Mesa
Moderately difficult. 9 miles round trip (elevation change 900 feet),
4 hours. The Black Mesa Loop is one of the most varied in terms of views and scenery. It has views of Weaver's Needle, goes through Parker's Pass and
Garden Valley. The vegetation should be very interesting at the end of April.


Hike B: Fremont Saddle
Moderate. 4.5 miles round trip (elevation change 1366 feet), 2.5 hours to Fremont Saddle with a spectacular view of Weaver's Needle, as well as over Peralta Canyon. One of the favorite hikes in the Superstitions.


Hike C: Petroglyph Canyon
Moderate/easy. 3 miles round trip (elevation change 600 feet), 2 hours to Petroglyph Canyon, a secluded area with impressive (Hohokam) Petroglyphs (700-1100 CE) and waterholes.


Hike D: Boyce Thompson
Very simple 1.5 mile stroll through the Boyce Thompson Arboretum which has an impressive range of local plants/succulents/cacti.


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