Recent Talks/Presentations

Lectures/Conferences 2021
Verb-second and expletives in the Minimalist Program, postponed ICEHL, now 7-12 June 2021, Leiden.
Invited, The Diachrony of little v and VoiceP: from semantic to syntactic voice, Workshop on The meaning of functional categories in the verbal/sentential domain, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, June 17-18, 2021.
Keynote, Third factors and Language Variation, Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop 35, June 2021 (originally to be held in October 2020)


Flashtalk, ASU, 22 February 2020
ASU Reading Group, Labeling and Determincy: Verb-second and Expletives, 18 March 2020, via zoom.
Forensic Linguistics Guestlecture, ASU, 25 March 2020, via zoom
Invited, Third factors and language change, Harvard Colloquium series, 27 March 2020 (Postponed to 23 October 2020)
Verb-second and the MP and Questioning `kind' in the history of English, 4 April 2020 (Cancelled)
Third factors and language change, 2 June 2020, Geneva Research Seminar, via zoom
Verb-second and expletives in the Minimalist Program, ICEHL, 8-12 June 2020, Leiden. (Postponed)
Third Factors and Language Change, Masterclass, Naxos July 2020. (Cancelled)
Keynote, Third factors and Language Variation, Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop 35, 7-9 October 2020, Trento, Italy. (Postponed to June 2021)


Chomskian Syntax, ASU Philosopy Club, 14 March 2019

The Grammaticalization of causal clauses in English, GLAC 25, 4-5 May 2019: ppt and HO.

Keynote, A Modal Cycle and Thoughts on Third Factor Principles, Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop, Konstanz, 14-15 June 2019: ppt and HO.

Invited talk, Aspects of Modification, Stuttgart, 18 June 2019.

Modern Theories and Historical Syntax, Naxos, 28 July 2019.

Argument Structure and Aspect, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China, 16 September 2019.

4 October 2019, An Introduction to Forensic Linguistics and handout.


The Diachrony of Argument Structure, ASAM, 1-2 February 2018. Amsterdam.

Sorace’s Hierarchy and Linguistic Change: Swim, float, and other verbs (alternate paper). DiGS 30, York (U.K.), June 2018.

The Diachrony of aspect and argument structures, Potsdam, June 2018.

Pronouns in the Lindisfarne Glosses, ICEHL 20, Edinburgh, August 2018.


Changes in verbal meaning are systematic, University of Salzburg, 9 March 2017

Invited talk, Changes in aspect, Workshop Beyond Time, 7-8 April 2017, Boulder, CO

Ditransitive change, GLAC, Austin, TX, 20-23 April 2017.

Invited talk, Verbal Cycles of Negation, Workshop Negative Existential Cycles, 4-5 May 2017, Stockholm.

Invited, Rome’s Science Festival, 11-14 May 2017, Rome, Italy.

Introduction and Reflexive Pronouns in the Glosses, Workshop The Lindisfarne Glosses, 26 -27 May 2017.

Invited talk, Teaching Grammar across the Curriculum Workshop, LSA Linguistic Institute, University of Kentucky, 26 July 2017.

ICHL, San Antonio, TX, 30 July – 5 August 2017.

The Diachrony of Argument Structure, Workshop `La variación en las interfaces de la sintaxis con otros componentes del sistema lingüístico’, Madrid, 16-17 November 2017.



Changes in Aktionsart, Symposium anlässlich des 80.Geburtstags von Werner Abraham, Munich 12-13 February 2016.

The Aspect Cycles, University of Arizona, 22 April 2016.

Dutch Demonstratives, Symposium to honor Robert Kirsner, UCLA, 10 May 2016.

Invited keynote, The ASpect Cycles; Chronos, Caen, 15-17 June 2016.

Invited keynote, Problems of Projection and Language Change, DiGS, Ghent, Belgium, June 2016.

Changes in argument structures involving Experiencers, Arizona Linguistics Symposium, 28-9 October 2016.

Inaugural Linguistics Series lecture, An Introduction to Forensic Linguistics, 3 November 2016, ASU East Campus.

The diachrony of ditransitives, ALC 10, 2-4 December 2016, Tucson, AZ.



Generative Grammar, Minimalism, and Language Change, Cognitive Science seminar, 16 February, ASU, SCOB 316.

Forced asymmetry causing language change, DGfS Workshop, 4-6 March 2015, Leipzig, Germany.

Invited, Traces of History, Subjunctives, that-trace, and the split CP in the history of English, 9-10 March 2015, Oslo, Norway.

Intransitives in the History of English, 8-9 May 2015, GLAC, Provo, UT.

Invited, Workshop on loss and gain in grammatical change, 20-23 May 2015, University of Agder, Norway. Ppt and talk and pdf.

Invited keynote, The Copula Cycle and Principles of Projection,Workshop on the copula across languages, 25-26 June 2015, University of Greenwich, London.

Two talks at the ICHL in Naples, Where are the parameters in PoP? and Changing Argument Structure: filling up the vP, 31 July 2015.

Two talks in Oslo, Argument Structure: some basic issues, Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature, University of Oslo, 1 October 2015, and

Problems of Projection in Historical Linguistics, Forum for Theoretical Linguistics, University of Oslo, 7 October 2015.


From wh to y/n. Workshop on Discourse Particles, Schloss Freudental, 24-25 January 2014.

The Copula Cycle and trees.Workshop on Copulas, Bologna, 13-14 March 2014.

Introduction, The Linguistic Cycle Workshop II, Tempe AZ, 25-26 April 2014.

Objects and the French Subject Cycle, with Mariana Bachtchevanova, The Linguistic Cycle Workshop II, Tempe AZ, 25-26 April 2014.

Changing Argument Structure, GLAC, Purdue University, 2-3 May 2014.

TBA, ICEHL, Leuven, July 2014.

The Linguistic Cycle: Background. Panel at the High Desert Linguistics Symposium, 13-15 November 2014.


Formal Syntax and Language Change. LSA, Boston, 5 January 2013.

Cyclicity, Madison, WI, 25 January 2013.

Harvard Linguistic Circle, 22 March 2013.

International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Oslo, Norway, 5-9 August 2013. Plenary: Generative Grammar and Historical Linguistics: what cycles tell us! (ppt and background HO); also presented The CP Cycle.

The Renewal of Wh/Q-Complementizers, SHEL 8, Provo, UT, 26 September 2013.

Semantic and formal features, ALC 7, Tucson, AZ, 12 October 2013.

Historical Generative Linguistics, WECOL, Tempe, AZ, 8-10 November 2013.


Changes in Anaphora throughout the history of English. DGfS Frankfurt.

Semantic and Formal Features in Language Change. DGfS Frankfurt.

6 April Symposium on Universal Grammar, ASU

20 April UA/ASU Symposium talk on Psych verbs

GLAC/SHEL talk on Psych verbs

Non-Canonically Marked Subjects, Reykjavik/Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland 4-8 June 2012

DIGS 14, Lisbon, 4-6 July 2012

Changes in the pronoun system in the history of English, ICEHL 17, Zurich, 20-25 August 2012.


"Beyond Cyclical Change: Implications for the Minimalist Program", 26 March talk, UA

"Reanalyzing Person and Deictic Features in the History of English", GLAC 17, Austin, TX, 15-17 April 2011.
"Do Languages have a Basic Valency?", the 9th International Conference of the Association for Linguistic Typology, University of Hong Kong, July 22-24, 2011.
The Possible Diachrony of Null Objects in Athabascan”, co-authored with Mary Willie, ICHL 20, Osaka, July 2011.
Negation in Athabascan”, workshop on The diachrony of negation, to be held at the 20th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Osaka, July 2011.

The Diachrony of Pronouns and demonstratives: Feature Economy meets Old Norse, Tucson, 18 November 2011.


Workshop on Complementation, DGfS, Berlin 23-26 February 2010.
Minimalism and (Applied) Linguistics”, talk to the Applied Linguistics Colloquium, ASU, 16 April 2010.
Inceptive aspect in Germanic”, joint paper with Lynn Sims, GLAC 16, Milwaukee 30 April 2010.
“Valency changes in the history of English”, GLAC 16, Milwaukee 1 May 2010.
An increase in transitivity through ambivalence”, Naples/Capri, May 2010.
“Changes in the Scandinavian DP’, joint poster with Terje Lohndal, DIGS, Cambridge, UK,14-16 July 2010.
The Linguistic Cycle: Grammaticalization, Economy, and Pronouns, Workshop on Grammaticalization, University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 26-27 August 2010.
“Aspectual Cycles: the history of English Inceptives”, joint paper with Lynn Sims, ICEHL, Pécs, Hungary, September 2010.

"Pronouns vs. Demonstratives", LASSO, Las Cruces, NM, Oct 2010.
“Pro-drop, pronouns, agreement, and demonstratives: Reanalyzing features in the history of English”, Subjects in Diachrony, Regensburg, Germany, 4-6 December 2010: ppt and pdf.

Symposium on Methodology of Morphosyntactic Change: Case Studies and Cross-linguistic Applications, 5-6 March, Osaka, Japan.
“Linguistic Cycles in language Change”, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, 17 April 2009.
“Reflexives in the History of English”, Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan, 26 May 2009.
“CP Renewal”, Aoyama Gakuin University, 27 May 2009.
"The Linguistic Cycle in English", The Modern English Association Conference, Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan, 29 May 2009.
Cyclical Change in Agreement and Case, LASSO, Provo, UT, 25 September 2009.
Participation in Cycles of Grammaticalization seminar, Birmingham, UK, 5 December 2009.

Invited, Biolinguistics Planning Meeting, Tucson, 22-24 February 2008.
“The Linguistic Cycle”, Linguistic Cycles Workshop, Tempe, AZ 25 April 2008.
"Double definiteness and the position of adjectives", joint paper with Terje Lohndal, GLAC 14, Madison, WI, 2 May 2008.
“Polysynthesis and Pronominal Arguments in Athabaskan/Dene”, 2008 Dene Languages Conference, Cold Lake, Alberta, 6 July 2008.
Feature Economy, and Language Change”, Seoul International Conference on Generative Grammar, 17 July 2008.
A Cross-linguistic Perspective on the DP-Cycle”, ESSE, Aarhus, Denmark, 22-26 August 2008 (
Invited, Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature at the University of Oslo ( on "Universal Grammar, acquisition and change", 26- 27 August 2008.
The Object Cycle”, LASSO 37, Oregon State University, Corvallis, October 2008.