Some recollections on travel


2020: The Netherlands in March and Idaho in May

2019: NYC/Brooklyn in January (doc), Picket Post Mansion, LA in March, China in September, and Cuba in December

2018: May in the SW and June and July and August in Europe and the Apache Trail (pdf) and NL in December

2017: Day on the Verde and Madrid and Patagonia

Netherlands/Salzburg and Stockholm/Rome and Northern Arizona

2016: Vinyard Trail and The Salt River (with links) and EuropeJune and NaxosJuly and NewYork and Suriname/Antilles

2015: July Greece/Italy and September 2015 and Oslo/Istanbul and Cambodia and December

Monument Valley 2015 and EuropeMarch and May 2015 and June 2015 London

2014: Taiwan 2014 and US 2014 and Tunisia 2014

Israel 2013 and Norway/Sweden 2013 and Cambodia 2013

Iceland 2012 and New Mexico 2012

Cambodia 2011 and Hong Kong 2011 and Malta 2010 and Brazil 2010

Borderlands 2009 and Japan 2009: Osaka and Tokyo; Leipzig 2009 and Korea 2008

Blanding 2004 and Oslo 2004

Australia 2001; Iran 1999; Pakistan 1990 and 1994

and hiking locally