Current group members


Giovanna Ghirlanda

Associate professor

BS/MS, University of Padova

PhD, University of Padova 

Postdoc, University of Pennsylvania


Mathieu Walthers

Postdoc 2011-2012


Sandip Shinde

PhD 2010; Postdoc 2011

Synthesis of peptides; heme-binding membrane peptides; PNA synthesis

Currently Senior Scientist at Heliae

Melissa Ruben, PhD PhD 2013

Teacher at BASIS

Dong Wang

PhD 2014 (Allen group)

Synthesis of metal-binding peptides

Justin Flory

PhD 2014 (Fromme group)

Synthesis of PNA-peptide adducts; DNA nanostructures

Now at Lightworks, ASU

Ashini Bolia

Grad student (coadvised with Banu Ozkan)

Computational analysis of cyanovirin

Guests and collaborators

Stephanie Cope

PhD 2013, Physics (vaiana group)

Synthesis of amyloid peptides, CD spectroscopy

Sara Sizemore

Grad student, Physics (vaiana group)

Synthesis of amyloid peptides, CD spectroscopy

Garrett Coffman

Undergraduate, 2012-2014

Graduate Student at Indiana University

Jason Allen

BSc, Honors 2015

Expression of de novo metalloproteins

now graduate student in Chemistry and Biochemistry at Texas A&M


Sonia De Munari

Tech (2010) Currently PhD student at University of Oxford (Prof. Ben Davis)

Angelo Cereda

Postdoc (2010)

Now in Prof. Jones’ group at ASU

Jeanine Cordova

PhD 2008

Now postdoc in Prof. Mandarino’s group at Mayo Clinic

Federica Bogani

PhD 2006

Now Scientist at Intel, Portland

Jay Jursich


Yinan Liu

MSc 2008

Zivile Katiliene

Postdoc 2005-2006

Lindsey Holt

Jacob Carroll

Masters 2007

Jessica Troxel

MSc 2006

Pam Noack

MSc 2005

Simon Hilcove

Honors thesis, tech

Luca Bau’


Synthesis of artificial amino acids; hydrolysis of phosphoesters; CO2 reduction

Currently a postdoc at U. of Oxford

Tien Le Olsen

Postdoc (Allen group)

Synthesis of metal-binding peptides

Selvakumar Edwardraja

Postdoc 2011-2012

Design of metalloproteins

Currently EMBO fellow Skerra Group, Munich

Haiyan Sun Postdoc, 2012-2013

Senior scientist , Biodesign, ASU

Bhupesh Goyal Postdoc, 2012-2013

Assistant Professor, Central University of Punjab

Dayn Sommer

Grad student

De novo design of metalloproteins

Synthesis of unnatural amino acids

Rafael Alcala-Torano

Grad student

Synthesis of unnatural amino acids

De novo design of artificial hydrogenases

Brian Woodrum

PhD 2014

Now Instructor at ASU

Anindya Roy

PhD 2014

Postdoc with Prof. David Baker, University of Washington

Marina Faiella

Postdoc 2012-2014

Pavone group, U of Naples

Sriram Sokalingam

Postdoc 2013-14

Yung Chen Group, ASU

Annabelle Gellig

Postdoc 2013-2014

Michael Vaughn

PhD 2014 (Moore/Fromme group)

Molecular biology, hydrogen production

Now at Lightworks, ASU

Zahra Bahrami Dizicheh

Grad student

Synthesis of unnatural amino acids

Chemical biology methods in metalloproteins

Denysia Allen

BSc Honors 2015

Magna cum Laude!

Expression of cyanovirin mutants

Now Masters in Medicinal Chemistry

Nicholas Halloran

Grad student


Zina Al-Sahouri

BSc 2015

Expression of cyanovirin mutants

Arnau Call-Quintana

Visiting graduate student

University of Girona (Fillol’s group)

Protein-based catalysts

Ali Khan

High school student, senior project

BASIS Scottsdale

Protein-based catalysts


Now undergraduate At Harvey Mudd

Jason Maxwell

graduate student, MSc

Now instructor at ASU Poly

Brett Clark

BSc 2015

Expression of de novo metalloproteins

Recent graduates