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Owner: Ken
Email: Kenjdorm@AOL.COM
Location: Valley Forge, PA
Model: 1950 2WD

My truck's history...

The truck was purchased by my grandfather in 1950 or early 1951. It was just a few months old when he bought it from a guy who really wanted 4WD. That's correct, it's a 2WD. Not quite as popular as the 4WD but it worked just fine for him. He used it as a truck should be... as a utility work truck...He was a stone mason and used the back to get stone, cement, etc....he even used to mix concrete in the back...That's why it no longer exists, it rotted out. Being the only vehicle in his family of 4 daughters and wife, he drove it until the late 70's when he gave it to one of his daughter's family..my mother's! The truck was used very little for years until I turned 16 in 1978. We removed the old bed and built the flat bed and installed the new side mirrors. In 1978/1979 the truck sat because the F134 engine block retired ...with cracks and three burned valves. I found a L134 which fit right in with little modifications which was good for an 18 year old mechanic. Around 1979 we made the sides. In 1982 it got its new blue color and mag wheels. In a 1984 the truck was put into our garage because it needed some mechanical work again and I was not ready to do the work. The engine was started 3 time in 14 years while stored. Started each time with little work but could never get it to stay running. Turns out it was a clogged fuel line all those years. In 1998 I searched "The NET" and found lots of information which before was not so readily available in the past. Things are much easier and cheaper! Antique tags once in a life time fee...no inspection...and antique insurance for about $100! So the winter of 1998 I rebuilt the brakes again with help of Brian in CT (Willysgp@aol) and replaced all the cylinders, master cylinder, hoses and installed silicone brake fluid. I also replaced the fuel pump, battery (of course), and gave it full tune-up. The best improvement was a new after-market carburetor. It never ran this good and idled so well. I have just completed repainting the engine compartment again (seams like I just did this 18 years ago!). It has a new carpet and am working on the interior. Unfortunately, I discarded the bench seat (now regretting) I am looking for a replacement. I have also refinished the entire bed. Notice the bed is shorter than the older photos? I have also cut it down to OEM specifications for overall size. Willys America has a book that gave the OEM dimensions. I could not redo the stake positions without major reconstruction so I chose to hold off on that for now. So that my trucks history...its not showroom condition, just clean and fun without the worries of an expensive restored antique!

Stay tuned for engine and interior photo's!


Pictures from a few years ago:

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