About the Willys Gallery
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Owner: Jason Moser
Email: jgmoser74@aol.com
Location: Denver
Year: 1962
Engine: formerly 350, soon an F6

Here is my '62 Willys i have just started rebuilding. It had a 350 V8. However, i want to keep it stock just for history, old times sake, post WWII recognition...so i am putting in a stock F6 called a Lightning which has 15 horses a cylinder totaling a big bad 90 mule power, everything else is stock. i think i will even repaint it the original color of fountain green and poly white (two tone).

i am rebuilding this truck in denver and then towing it back to dallas in august to give 16 year old brother for his first car. i would really like to find a warn overdrive somewhere. anybody have one the want to get rid of?

what do you think would be some cosmetically stocky looking tires that would handle well at high speads, however with the rough mud tire look? thanks for putting my future endeavor on your page.

     Jason Moser

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