About the Willys Gallery
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Owner:John Macaulay
Email: John.Macaulay@Entex.com
Location: Cleveland
Year: 1958
Engine: L6-226

"... I have a 58 Willys Station Wagon, the body is in rough shape. It was my grandfather's, he used it for snowplowing, then it sat in a field in upstate New York for about 10-12 years. Two years ago he gave it to me. He would use it 1-2 times a year on vacation to pull the boat to the launch ramp (2 miles) and back. I am in the process of restoring [it]. I live in Cleveland, OH.... I drove 8 hours Walck's -- its near Allentown, PA. I purchased a tailgate 2 side pannels and some other misc. stuff. My old tailgate was not repairable the one I bought had a couple of small dents and a small rust hole or two $90.00 what a deal, Carl has all sorts of stuff.... John Macaulay"

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