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Owner: Bob Bremler
Email: Bremler@aol.com
Location: north of Chicago
Year: 1949
Engine: 225ci V-6 from a jeep Commando
Transmission: T-90
Transfer case: Dana-18

December 19, 2000

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     Do you want me to change the owner info on F11? >>

That would be fine. I'll get some new pix once it's home. I'm using some stuff (interior) from the '60 to restore it a little closer to what it was, notably tossing the plywood and burlap rear seat for the real thing.

Take Care, and thanks. Your site was a major + factor in this project for me. In fact, Send my your shipping address. Santa has left the Norht Pole, but I understand he'll make a second lap out west in late January....

Best Regards,      Bob

Previous Owner

May 25, 1999


My name is Randy Sapp and I own the 49 4x4 wagon in your gallary on F11. I'm thinking about selling it. Can you post it for sale on your web site?

Randy Sapp
Linton Indiana

The original sport utility -- '49 Willys 0verland 4x4 Station Wagon. The first year Willys offered a wagon with 4x4 option. I have been a Willys fanatic for over 20 years and have owned lots of them. This is my most prized one yet. I have put in a 225ci V-6 from a jeep Commando. Everything else is original. T-90, Dana-18 and so on. I need a set of middle seats if anyone can help. I also need a set of Cleveland Type U-Joints.


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