My Erdos number is 2 . Paul Erdos's Erdos number is 0. Paul Erdos has 509 coauthors, those whose Erdos number is 1. I have never published a joint paper with Paul Erdos, but have published with people (C.J. Colbourn and F. Chung) whose Erdos number is 1. Therefore my Erdos number is 2.

Let G(V, E) be an undirected graph, where each vertex in V corresponding to a person who has published, the set of edges E consists of all un-ordered pairs of vertices (u, v) such that the person corresponding to u and the person corresponding to v are coauthors of at least one paper. Let d(v) be the shortest path from v to the node corresponding to Paul Erdos, measured by the number of edges on the path. Then the person corresponding to node v has Erdos number d(v).

Here is a list of my papers in which I collaborated with researchers who are co-authors of Paul Erdos (1913-1996).