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Robust Resource Planning and Orchestration to Satisfy End-to-End SLA Requirements in Mobile Edge Networks

Reference #: CNS 2007469/2007391
Sponsor: NSF CNS Core Programs
PIs: Guoliang Xue (2007469), Ruozhou Yu (2007391)
Duration: 10/01/2020 - 09/30/2023

Project Description:
Robust SLAs for Mobile Edge Computing Applications [Project Page]
Mobile edge computing has emerged to address the long latency, low throughput, and unpredictability of cloud computing for serving modern mobile applications. Nevertheless, the lack of end-to-end performance guarantee in the form of service-level agreements (SLAs) can lead to performance degradation of critical applications during unexpected system dynamics, rendering these applications incompetent or unsafe to use. This project seeks to develop mathematical and systematic tools for edge providers to quantify and control, the risk associated with providing end-to-end SLAs for mobile applications. By designing multi-dimensional resource planning and orchestration algorithms that bound or minimize the risk associated with edge SLAs, this project aims to enable and enhance life-changing edge applications such as autonomous driving and mobile vision, promote investment and expedite development in mobile edge computing, and broaden awareness of risk management from a system perspective.

This project is supported by NSF Award #2007469.