Vol. 10: 1, May 1999

The ARA Newsletter Celebrates Its Ten Years

Kudos and thanks to all the members who during the past ten years have made the Newsletter a valuable communication tool. Here are some historical facts. In 1988, President Maria Manoliu said in her annual report that "The proposal for publishing a quarterly newsletter could not be carried out because nobody, not even the author of the proposal, has accepted to undertake the responsibility of editing it . . . (ARA Journal 12 (1989): 283). The following year, however, the situation had changed. She made it known that: "Our Executive Committee has decided to entrust the publication of an ARA Newsletter to an editorial Board, whose members are Professors Aleksandra Gruzinska, Dan Gabriel Cacuci, Nicolette Frank (Europe), Monica N. Grecu, Peter Gross, Olga Porumbaru, and Mircea Sabau. We are sure that after the confirmation by our General Assembly, the Committee will find appropriate ways of realizing this proposal which has been made by many of our ARA members (ARA Journal 13-14 [1990]: 310-3110). Indeed, the General Assembly approved the project and the first newsletter (Vol. 1:1) appeared in August of 1989. ARA members are invited to contribute news of significant interest about their scholarly activities

The ARA Newsletter is listed in Ulrich’s International Periodicals Directory and can be downloaded from the following web address:

The 24th ARA Congress

It will be held in Liège, Belgium between July 21-25, 1999. For information write to Prof. Dr. Liviu Masalar, Chairman. Université de Liège. Systèmes de Production Mécanique-Métrologie. 21 Rue E. Solvay, C3, 4000 Liège, Belgium. Fax: 0032/4/366/9166. Sécrétariat: 0032/4/36669533. E-mail:

July 21st has been designated for registration only. The 25th of July is reserved for a visit to Brussels. This leaves July 22 and 24 for the session meetings, and meetings of the General Assembly, and Executive Committee.

The University of Liège was founded in 1817. It comprises eight faculties. Some 13,000 students attend it every year.

Liège is a charming town on the river Meuse, with a long tradition in culture, history and politics as well as a particularly rich and refined gastronomy. It is located at about 100 km east of Brussels, the capital of Europe.

Prof. Masalar was born in Hida, Salaj, Romania in 1945. He is a Belgian Citizen and Professor at the University of Liège (Belgium). He is currently the Manager of Systèmes de Production Mécanique – Métrologie de l’Université de Liège à la Faculté des Sciences Appliquées. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University "Politehnica" of Bucharest (1967). In 1976 he obtained his Ph.D. degree in Applied Sciences at K.V. Leuven (Belgium). He has published 12 books, more than 130 papers and conferences and taught more than 20 courses in Uncertainties of Measurements. Prof. Liviu Masalar is the Chair of the 24th ARA Congress (1999).

Upcoming ARA Congresses

The details have yet to be fine-tuned, but the 25th ARA Congress will be held in the year 2000 at the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal with ARA President, Dr. Ion Paraschivoiu, as our host. Portugal and the University of Aveiro may be our destination in the year 2001. Prof. Vasile Staicu who is an Associate Professor there is also a member of ARA

New Members


Ruxandra Botez

George Brotea

Sorin Farsirotu

Liviu Masalar

Dan Mateescu

Mircea-Alexandru Mateescu

Edmond T. Miresco

Adriana Nastase

Martha Salcudean

Florentin Smarandache

John Starway

Liliana Surugiu


Gheorghe Barbu

Alexandru Codoban

Ion Dinulescu

George Coanda

Constantin Niculescu

Sorica Sava

Ioan Tepelea

Republic of Moldova:

Veniamin Apostol

Valerii Canter

Stefan Cartofeanu

Anatolii Casian,

Valerian Dorogan

Valeriu Dulgheru

Nistor Grozavu

Valery Rudic

ARA President, Dr. Ion Paraschivoiu, has named Dr. Stefan Cartofeanu as responsible of the ARA Branch in the Republic of Moldova. Dr. Cartofeanu may be reached at:

Technical University of Moldova

Bd. Stefan cel Mare, 168

MD 2004, Chisinau

Republic of Moldova

Phone/Fax: 373-2-248378


With the newly admitted members, the total number of ARA members and Corresponding members has grown to over 150 (about 110 in the Diaspora and about 40 in Romania and Moldova).

A visit by Dr. Andrei Marga at ASU

During the period of March 5-9, 1999, Minister of Culture Dr. Andrei Marga and his wife, Dr. Delia Marga, visited Arizona State University. One purpose of the visit was to discuss details of academic exchanges between Arizona State and the University of Babes-Bolyai in Cluj, where Dr. Marga is Rector and where Arizona State's first summer program in Romania will be held between July 4-31, 1999. However, the principal purpose of Dr. Marga's visit was to meet with University officials regarding opportunities for larger programs of scholarly exchange between the two universities. They might involve collaborative research, the exchange of academic personnel, and the contributions of Arizona State faculty to emerging academic programs at Babes-Bolyai. Toward this end, Dr. Marga met with ASU President Lattie Coor, with Dean Gary S. Krahenbuhl and Associate Dean Linell Cady of the College of Arts and Sciences, as well as with Prof. William Davey, Director of International Programs. Faculty involved with the development of the Romanian program at Arizona State look forward to the opportunity of increasing institutional relations with Babes-Bolyai.

David William Foster

Regents Professor of Spanish,

Interdisciplinary Humanities, and Women's Studies

Chair, Department of Languages and Literatures

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287-0202

480-965-3752; 480-965-0135 (fax)


ASU Summer Study in Romania

The Department of Languages and Literatures at Arizona State University will be offering courses in beginning and intermediate Romanian language and Cultural Studies at the Babes-Bolyai University in the beautiful city of Cluj, Romania . For further information about this intensive summer session, which will be held from July 4 to July 31, 1999, contact:

Dr. Ileana Orlich



Publications by ARA members

Fay, Stefan J. Sokrateion. Marturie despre Mircea Vulcanescu. Ed. Humanitas, 1999.

Mr. Fay lives in Paris and New York.

Cocarteu, Petru. Viziunea unei natiuni (The Vision of a Nation). Ed. Macarie, 1998.

Radulescu, Stella Vinitchi. Blooming Death. Francestown, New Hampshire: The Golden Quill Press, 1989.

Bajenaru, George. Intre Sublim si Tragic (Between the Sublime and the Tragic). Bucharest (Romania): Cerna Publ. House, 1998. ISBN 973-98514-3-6.

Radulescu, Mihai Sorin. Elita Liberala Romaneasca (The Romanian Liberal Elite). Bucharest (Romania): Ed. All Educational, 1998

Popa, Dorin. Nimeni nu intelege pe nimeni (Personne ne comprend personne; Niemand versteht niemanden). Iasi: Polirom, 1998. [This is a volume of Poems in three languages]. Translations from Romanian by Simone Reicherts, Gabriela Linde and Christian W. Schenk.

Chihaia, Pavel. Arta Medievala (Medieval Art). Five volumes. Bucharest (Romania). Ed. Albatros, 1998

Corduneanu, Constantin and I.W.Sandberg. Volterra Equations and Applications. Reading, UK: Gordon and Breach, 1999. Edited by Constantin Corduneanu and I.W Sandberg. Proceedings of the Volterra Centennial Symposium held in Arlington, Tx., 1996.

Vasiliu, Cesar. "L’Orthodoxie dans les universités canadiannes." Oecuménisme 133 (mars 1999): 21-24.

Dr. Constantin Corduneanu


Mariana Zavati Gardner is the recipient of many awards for poetry. Her poems appear in various anthologies. She is the subject of a notice [for distinguished service] in the Dictionary of International Biography (1999). Her latest collection of poems is entitled: Whispers (1998). ISBN: 0-9532973-0-6.

Între Sublim si Tragic (Between the Tragic and the Sublime)

This is a book of literary essays, notes and conversations, mostly about contemporary Romanian literature and history. The book was presented by the Romanian National Television as "One of the most interesting books recently published in Romanian." It is published by Cerna Publishing in Bucharest, Romania.

A book signing reception took place at Bucharest’s most prestigious bookstore NOI (We), and was presented to the public by Cătălin Ţîrlea, a Romanian National Televison Literary Critic, and by Prof. Dr. Docent Gheorghe Bulgăr. This volume could become a source of inspiration for scholars and students in the Humanities.

George Bajenaru is a Romanian born writer and American citizen. He was first introduced to the American reader through the Christian Science Monitor.

Activities of ARA Members

Dr. Domnita Dumitrescu has published several linguistics articles on Romanian:

"Los adjetivos en el sintagma nominal: Posición y predicación." In collaboration with Prof. Mario Saltarelli, University of Southern California), Signo y Seña 5 [Journal of the Linguistics Institute of the University of Buenos Aires] (February 1996): 23-60.

"Romanian and the Non-Nominative Subject Parameter." In collaboration with Prof. Pascual José Masullo, Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Argentina. In: Aspects of Romance Linguistics: Selected papers from the Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages XXIV, March 10-13, 1994, ed. by Claudia Parodi, Carlos Quicoli, Mario Saltarelli, and María Luisa Zubizarreta, Washington D.C., Georgetown University Press, 1996: 213-226.

"Un modelo de análisis sintáctico de las preguntas eco en español y rumano": Actas Do XIX Congreso Internacional de Lingüística e Filoloxía Románicas, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, 1989. Publicadas por Ramón Lorenzo, Sección I: Lingüística Teórica e Lingüística Sincrónica. Fundación "Pedro Barrié de la Maza, Conde de fenosa," A Coruña, 1997:. 933-962.

"Attributive Adjectives in Romance: Toward a Unified Theory of Modification." In collaboration with Mario Saltarelli, USC. Actes du 16-ème Congrès International des Linguistes. Paris, 20-25 juillet, 1997. Ed. by Bernard Caron. Oxford/Elsevier Sciences, 1997. [CD-ROM version]

"Fenómenos paralelos de contacto con el inglés en el español y el rumano de Estados Unidos." Atti del XXI Congresso Internazionale di Linguistica e filologia Romanza, Centro di Studi Filologici e Linguistici Siciliani, Università di Palermo, 18-24 settembre 1995, a cura di Giovanni Ruffino. Vol. V: Dialettologia, geolinguistica, sociolinguistica. Max Niemer Verlag, Tübingen 1998: 275-283.

"Two types of predicate modification: Evidence from the articulated adjectives of Romanian." In collaboration with Mario Saltarelli. Theoretical Analyses on Romance Languages: Selected papers from the 26th Linguistic Symposium on Romance languages (LSRL XXVI, Mexico City, 28-30 March, 1996). Ed. by José Lema and Esther Treviño. John Benjamins Publishing Company, Amsterdam/Philadelphia, 1998: 175-192.

Dr.Dumitrescu has been re-appointed, for another 3 years (1999-2001), as asscociate editor of Hispania, the journal of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. She is in charge of the section entitled The Hispanic and Luzo-brazilian World. She has also been reelected for three more years as Vice-president in charge of the Western US region of the Spanish Honor Society Sigma Delta P.

Dr. Domnita Dumitrescu.


ARA Journal

The ARA Journal will be published again as a double volume (23-24). Vol.25 will include articles about the beginning of ARA: Dr. Matasa, Dr. Cepoi, and others, who are founding members will share their recollections about the early days of ARA. The volume should be ready for the 25th Congress in Montreal in the year 2000, a silver anniversary for the ARA Journal..

Kudos to RSAA

At the December 1999 MLA Convention in Chicago the RSAA will celebrate its 25 years of activities. The organization is an affiliate of the Modern Languages Association. Many ARA members are also members of the RSAA. For information about officers, dues and membership the following address may be consulted on the web:

Curriculum Vitae

ARA Members should send their most current CV to Prof. Ion Paraschivoiu, Département de Génie Mécanique, Ecole Polytechnique, Université de Montréal, Montréal, (Québec ) Canada H3C 3A7.

IREX Announces Short-Term Travel Grants for 1999-2000

The International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) offers travel grants for brief visits to other countries of Central/Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States of Eurasia, for projects in the humanities and social sciences only. These grants are for projects which do not require any administrative assistance or logistical support (such as placement or access to archives, housing, visas, travel, etc.) Per diem support is for 14 days only. Grantees’ travel may last up to 60 days total, with any additional per diem expenses beyond the 14 days covered by IREX paid for by the grantee.

Applicants must have a PhD or equivalent professional/terminal degree in the project discipline at the time of application, and must be a United States citizen or permanent legal resident of the United States.

This program funds: individual scholarly research visits to archives, libraries, museums, etc., or to conduct research interviews; presentations at scholarly conferences focused on Central/Eastern Europe and/or Eurasia; and collaborative projects such as joint publications and comparative surveys. All projects should demonstrate that they will advance American public, cultural, and historical knowledge of the Central/Eastern European and/or Eurasian regions.

IREX also has extremely limited funding available to American scholars to invite an international scholar from IREX’s program countries to the United States for collaborative projects only. The American scholar is considered the applicant, and both scholars must hold a PhD or professional/terminal degree. Projects seeking funding only or primarily for an international scholar’s participation in a conference or for an international scholar’s individual research will not be eligible for consideration. Priority will be given to projects involving international scholars who have not previously had the opportunity to travel outside of the region for research or conference participation and who are from traditionally underrepresented regions.

Provisions: Grants normally do not exceed $3,000, and provide funding for only one person and one trip per application. Funds are provided for transoceanic airfare on a US flag carrier; per diem for up to 14 days, not to exceed $100/day; conference registration fee to attend a conference; visa application costs; and some miscellaneous expenses.

This program will not fund projects which require travel of more than 60 days; projects related to Germany; projects which are primarily institutional exchanges; projects that are part of a prearranged study travel group; or institutional overhead or other administrative fees.

Deadline for receipt of completed applications: February 1, 1999 and June 1, 1999. Prospective applicants should request application materials from IREX in advance of the application deadline. The application consists of an application form; 3-5-page proposal essay; applicant’s abbreviated curriculum vitae; and an official letter of invitation for conferences, consultations, or collaborative projects. Notification is made in writing approximately 8 weeks after the application deadline.

The above program information is abbreviated. Please see the 1999-2000 application for full guidelines. For more information contact:

International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX)

1616 H Street, NW

Washington, DC 20006

Telephone: (202)628-8188 Fax: (202)628-8189


Denise Cormaney, Senior Program Officer

Ian Turner, Program Associate

ARA Membership dues

Membership dues have been set by vote of the General Assembly at $70.00 for 1999. Dues should be sent to Mr. Miron Bonca, ARA Treasurer. 3153 Country Club Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. U.S.A

A.R.A. Executive Committee [1998-2001]

Ion PARASCHIVOIU, President. Département de Génie Mécanique. Section aérothermique, Ecole Polytechnique, C.P. 6079, Succ. "Centre ville, Université de Montréal, Montréal, (Québec ) Canada H3C 3A7. Tel.: (514) 340-4711. FAX: (514) 340-5917. E-mail <>

Ladis KRISTOF, Vice-President. Prof. Emeritus, Portland State University, Portland Oregon. Home: 23050 N.W.

Peter GROSS, Roosevelt Dr., Yamhill, OR 97148.

Vice-President and Liaison Officer. Information and Communication Studies Zip 600, Univ. of California, Chico, CA 95929-0502.

Monica M. GRECU, Secretary-General. Dept. of English, School of Arts and Sciences, Univ. of Nevada at Reno, Reno, Nevada 89557-0077. E-mail <>

Ernest. H. LATHAM, Jr., Secretary. 285-A G Streeet S W, Washington D.C. 20024-4337.

Constantin CORDUNEANU, Admission Officer. Dept. of Mathematics. University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX 76010. Tel.: (817) 272-3261; (817) 272-5765. Fax: (817) 272-5802; E-mail: CORDUN@UTARLG.UTA.EDU.

Miron BONCA. Treasurer. 3153 Country Club Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. U.S.A


Adrian BEJAN. Duke University, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Durham, NC 27706.

Charles CARLTON. Department of Linguistics. University of Rochester, Rochester, New York 14627-0041. Tel. (716) 275-4111. FAX: (716) 275-8531. E-mail

Dinu GIURESCU, Romanian Academy. Calea Victoriei, 125 Bucharest, Romania.

Olga PORUMBARU.(Plastic Arts), Lafayette Avenue #417, Suffern, N.Y. 10901-7034.


Claude MATASA. 2026 Scott Street, Hollywood, FL 33020-2417. <>

Nicolae H. PAVEL. Dept. od Mathematics. Ohio university. Athens, OH 45701.

Irinel DRAGAN. Department of Mathematics. University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX 76010


O. BARLEA, Sendinger Str. 63-J, Munchen 2, 8000 Germany.

Alphonse JUILLAND. Stanford University.

Maria Manoliu MANEA. University of California at Davis.

George. E. PALADE. University of California at San Diego.

Toma PAVEL. Princeton University, Princeton, N.J.

Emil TURDEANU. La Sorbonne, Paris, France.


Maria Manoliu MANEA. (1982 -1995). University of California at Davis.

Constantin CORDUNEANU. (1995-1998). Dept. of Mathematics. Univ. of Texas. Arlington.

A.R.A. Publicatrions

Bârlea, Octavian. Romania and the Romanians. Los Angeles, 1977 $6.00

Quinlan, Paul D. Clash Over Romania. Los Angeles, l977. $7.00

Manoliu-Manea, Maria. Editor. The Tragic Plight of a Border Area: Bessarabia and Bucovina. Humboldt, l984 [Out-of-print.]

Georgescu, Vlad. Istoria Românilor de la origini pâna în zilele noastre. Davis, l984 [1st ed. out-of- print]. 1990 [2nd ed.]. $25.00

Arcade, L.M., Ion Manea, Elena Stamatescu, editors. Homo Religiosus: To Honor Mircea Eliade. Hommage à Mircea Eliade. 1990. $20.00

Jianu, Ionel, Gabriela Carp, Ana Maria Covrig, and Lionel Scantéyé, Editors. Romanian Artists in the West. Paris, 1987. With 480 illustrations (320 in color) of painters and sculptors living in the Free World. English edition also available. $35.00

Quinlan, Paul D. The United States and Romania. American-Romanian Relations during the Twentieth Century Woodland Hills, l988. $17.00

Timiras, Nicolae. Anii tineretii. Berkeley: 1991.$12.00

Butariu, Miron. O viata de om: Note autobiografice. Los Angeles, 1991. $16.00

Turdeanu, Emil. Modern Romania: The Achievement of National Unity 1914-1920. by Emil Turdeanu. 1988. $17.00

Manea, Ion. Editor. Români în Stiinta si Cultura Occidentala. Enciclopedie. Davis, l992. $35.00. [2nd Ed. 1996]. $50.00

Manea, Ion. Editor. A.R.A. Journal 12 (1989); 13-14 (1990); 15 (1991); 16-17 (1992); 18 (1993); 19

(1994); 20 (1995). each volume $20.00

Kristoff, Ladis and Balan, Cristian Petru, Editors. A.R.A. Journal 21-22 [1996-1997] $40.00

Corduneanu, Constantin, Editor. Libertas Mathematica Vols. I-XVIII, 1981-1998, $30.00

For orders outside the USA, send international money order (or postal order) or write to:

Mr. Miron Bonca, A.R.A. Treasurer, 3153 Country Club Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. U.S.A.

ARA Journal

Cristian Petru BALAN, Editor, 22 W. 480 Sycamore Drive, Valley View, Glenn Ellyn, IL 60137-7406

ARA Newsletter Editorial Board [ISSN 1081-3985]

Aleksandra Gruzinska, Editor, A.R.A. Newsletter, Dept. of Languages and Literatures, Arizona State Univ., Tempe, AZ 85287-0202. Tel.: (602) 965-6281/965-3873 FAX (602)-965-0135; E-Mail:


Nicolette Franck [European Liaison], 26, Chateau-Banquet, 1202 Genève, Switzerland.

Monica M. Grecu, [Humanities: Lit., Ling., Philosophy], Dept. of English, School of Arts and Sciences, Univ. of Nevada at Reno, Reno, Nevada 89557.

Peter Gross, [Hist., Politics, Communication, Sociology], Information and Communication Studies Zip 600, Univ of California, Chico, CA 95929-0502.

Ion Paraschivoiu [Canadian Liaison], Ecole Polytechnique, Université de Montréal, Montréal, (Québec ) Canada H3C 3A7

Olga Porumbaru, [Art: Music, Painting, Sculpture, Dance], Environmental Design, 200 Lafayette Ave. #417, Suffern, N.Y. 10901-7034.

Mircea Sabau [Medicine, Biology], Dept. of Radiology, Univ. of Chicago, 5841 S. Maryland, Chicago, Illinois 60637



ARA Members who do not plan to attend the Congress at Liège in Belgium may still voice their opinion on matters that will be discussed at Liège by returning this proxy to Dr. Masalar or by giving it to another member of their choice who is attending the congress and can represent them.


Your name: [Please print] _________________________________

Name of member whom you empower to vote for you at the General Assembly: ______________________________________________

Your address: __________________________________________



Your signature: _________________________________________


Date: ____________________________________________

Hand over or mail to the empowered person, or sent to Dr. Liviu Masalar, Chairman. Université de Liège. Systèmes de production mécanique-Métrologie. 21 Rue E. Solvay, C3, 4000 Liège, Belgium. Fax: 0032/4/366/9166. Sécrétariat: 0032/4/36669533. E-mail:, by July 10, 1999.