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1991 -- Between Worlds: The Life and Works of David ben Judah Messer Leon was awarded the Arnold Vizhnitzer Award for the best work in Jewish history for 1991 given by the Institute of Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (5,000 Israeli Shekels).

1992 -- Outstanding Young Faculty Award, Indiana University, December, $12,500.

2007 -- Distinguished Alumni Award, SUNY-Stony Brook.


1976 -- Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture $1,000 (“The Life and Thought of R. David ben Judah Messer Leon”).
1985 -- Columbia University Summer Grant $3,000 (Preparation of Manuscript).
1993 -- Travel Grant, Indiana University $600 (Travel to Library in Israel).
1993 -- Maurice Amado Foundation, $5,000 (“Happiness in Premodern Judaism”)
2005 -- The John Templeton Foundation, $22,000 (Conference on Hans Jonas).
2006 --2009 Templeton Research Lecture Series $500,000 (Project: “Facing the Challenges of Transhumanism: Religion, Science, and Technology”).


“On Being Human: Women in Jewish Philosophy.” The conference convened 15 theologians, philosophers, ethicists, and historians to create a dialogue between feminism, Jewish feminism, and philosophy (ASU, February 25-26, 2001). Proceedings and additional papers published Women and Gender in Jewish Philosophy, ed. Hava Tirosh-Samuelson (Indiana University Press, 2004).

“Are Humans Changing Human Nature; If So, Should They?” Speakers: Philip Clayton, Larry Arnhart, Carl Mitcham, Ronald Green (April, 18, 2001).

“Jewish Tradition and the Challenge of Evolution,” in collaboration with Geoffrey Cantor (University of Leeds, England) and Dr. Marc Swetlitz (Chicago) February, 28- March 1, 2004. The conference convened 22 historians and philosophers of science, Judaica scholars, and environmental scientists from the US, the United Kingdom, Canada, Israel, and Germany. The proceedings were published under the title, Judaism and the Challenge of Darwinism, ed. Geoffrey Cantor and Marc Swetlitz (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2006).

“Judaism and the Phenomenon of Life: The Legacy of Hans Jonas.” An international, multi-disciplinary research conference gathered 25 Judaica scholars, historians, philosophers, theologians, religionists, biologists, and environmentalists from the US, Germany, and Israel to study the implications of Hans Jonas for the twenty-first century (November 5-7, 2005). Proceedings and additional papers were published as The Legacy of Hans Jonas: Judaism and the Phenomenon of Life, edited by Hava Tirosh and Christian Wiese (Brill Academic Press, 2008).

“Evolution and Intelligent Design.” Panelists: John Haught, Jon Roberts, Holmes Rolston, and “Science and Religion on Human Happiness,” Panelists: John Haught, Laurie Zoloth, and Steven Post (January 22-23, 2006).

“Transhumanism and Human Nature.” Presenters: John Tooby, Pascal Boyer, Sander van der Leeuw, Ashok Gangadean, and James Hughes (April, 16, 2007).

“Transhumanism and the Meanings of Progress” Presenters: Dan Sarewitz, Jean-Pierre Dupuy, Don Ihde, Andrew Pickering, Catherine Hayles, and Ted Peters (April 24-25, 2008). Proceedings were published on-line as a special issue of Global Spiral, Vol. 9, Issue 3 (posted June 6, 2008).

“Stars of David: The Jewish Experience in American Cinema.” Presenters: Lester Friedman, Katherine Portuges, Thomas Doherty, Vivian Sobchak, David Sterritt, and Murray Pomerance, (November 16-17, 2008).

“Transhumanism and the Future of Democracy.” Presenters: Maxwell Mehlman, Jean Betke Elshtain, Stephen Goldberg, Michael Shapiro, Paul Root Wolpe, and Ronald Bailey (April 23-24, 2009).

“Viewing Mendelssohn, Viewing Elijah: Assimilation, Interpretation and Culture.” 17 presenters from the US, Canada, England, and Israel (April 29-May 1, 2009).

“Revival and New Directions? -- Jewish Arts in German-Speaking Countries.” 12 presenters from Germany, Austria, and the US (October 5-6, 2009).

“The Refugee in Postwar World.” 14 presenters from England, Germany, and the US (April 8-10, 2009).

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