Class 01

  Class Overview
  • Introduction to ASU 101, CS/CSE version
  • Mentoring and retention
  • Choosing CS as a major
  • Transitioning from High School to University


  1. Review (that is view, read and try to understand) the following three slide sets (powerpoint files):
    - Introduction to ASU 101
    - The "New American University"
    - The Fulton School of Engineering
    - ASU Gmail
    - Success Tips
  2. Take the Briggs Myers Personality test. Please note that personality tests are not necessarily accurate but are often interesting, entertaining and somewhat introspective. The test is at [PDF file]
  3. Interpret the results of your test using this guide [PDF file]
  4. Write a 1 page report on yourself. In this report, include all or some of the following topics:
    - Your preferred learning style.
    - Life motto or quote you find inspiring.
    - Mission in life and strategies to achieve.
    - Passions or areas of interest
    - The result of your Briggs Myers test (and whether you agree or not)

The report is to be submitted by email to [Tue Jan 27]