Associate Professor of Russian
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Reading Amerikaanse Verhalen on Grooms Road, 1961.

Spring 2017
RUS439/SLC439/HON494 Nabokov (PDF)
RUS430 Russian Short Story (PDF)

Fall 2016
RUS494/SLC494/HST494 Slavophiles & Westernizers (PDF)
SLC202 Literary and Cultural Theory (PDF)

Courses at Arizona State University
RUS423 Dostoevsky and Tolstoy (PDF)
RUS425 Chekhov and Russian Drama (PDF)
RUS322 Scandals & Scoundrels: 19th-C. Russian Novels (PDF)
RUS323 Russian Literature and Revolution: The Twentieth Century (PDF)
RUS421 Pushkin (PDF)
RUS424 Tolstoy (PDF)
RUS423 Dostoevsky (PDF)

Courses at University at Albany
ARUS 161/161Z Russian Civilization (PDF)
ARUS 251 Masterpieces of 19th-Century Russian Literature (PDF)
ARUS 252 Masterpieces of 20th-Century Russian Literature (PDF)
ARUS 526 Nineteenth-Century Russian Poetry (PDF)
ARUS 542 Russian Prose 1790-1850 (PDF)
ARUS 546 Russian Realism
ARUS 571 Topics: Russian Intellectual History (PDF)
ARUS 601/602 General Translation (PDF)
Rus 604 Specialized Translation
ARUS 605 Literary Translation (PDF)
ARUS 615 Sight Translation

ARUS 642 Gogol (PDF)

Courses at Macalester College
Gender, Nation, and Modernity in Russia & Eastern Europe (PDF)
Tolstoy’s War and Peace (PDF)
Vladímir Vladímirovich Nabókov (PDF)
Classics of Russian Cinema (PDF)
Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature (PDF)

Courses at Stetson University
Russian Literature and Opera (PDF)
Women in Russian Culture
Autobiography (PDF)
Honors Social Sciences (PDF)

Course at Princeton University
Russian Literature 1860-1917

Course at Columbia University
Literature Humanities