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Final Web Project

In this final project, we will be constructing a critical theory web site that will analyze an arbitrary text (Frankenstein) using various critical approaches covered in the class. Your individual responsibilities are outlined below.

Phase One: Sign up for a theorist, reread the sections concerning your theorist in our text, conduct research on your theorist (on the web, using ASU library resources such as the Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory & Criticism).

Phase Two: Build two types of web pages. This portion should be completed by May 2nd. Post your URL to WebBoard in the appropriate section. To download the template page, right mouse click on this link and choose "Save Target As..." You can then rename the document and paste in your content.

First, create an information page about your theorist. This could contain a brief biography explaining the contribution this theorist makes to the ‘critical tradition’ of literary criticism and links to useful web sites on your theorist.

Second, provide an application of theory to our core text (Frankenstein). Your application should be around 750-1000 words.

Phase Three: Review and analyze how your theorist’s contributions and your theoretical application relate or ‘link’ to your classmates projects. Add links from suitable words or phrases on your pages to related pages created by your classmates. If you wish to link directly to certain sections of your classmates’ pages, you will need to email the page author and ask them to add an “Named Anchor” and give you the proper URL.

*Change* Make a list of where your interpretation connects with our core text (chapters 3-5) and the other interpretations. Keep a running list of these connections down to the specific paragraph. By Friday (4/9) at midnight, email me with your lists of connections and either post to the web or email me your polished interpretations/theorist information pages.