CSE 471/598 Fall 2009

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We will cover topics such as state space search, heuristic search, games and adversarial search, knowledge representation, automated reasoning, planning, planning and acting in the real world, probabilistic reasoning, making decisions, learning from observations, statistical learning, learning with knowledge.

Course Learning Outcomes: Students are expected to use various search algorithms according to constraints, understand that in analyzing search algorithms and the memory consumed by the algorithm can become critically important; understand that the meaning in formal logic is related to the set of worlds where the given sentence is true; understand that probabilistic reasoning provides a way to handle the default and uncertain status of most real world knowledge, show they are familiar with planning with state-space search; show they know partial order planning; understand and analyze the performance of sliding window protocols; understand at least 3 methods for doing classification learning, and the tradeoffs offered by those methods; and understand the role of bias in making learning tractable.


  • CSE 240 Intro to Programming Languages
  • CSE 310 Data Structures and Algorithms

Line numbers:

  • CSE 471 - 84014
  • CSE 598 - 86632


Class Room and Hours:

Office Hours:

    MW 5:00 - 6:00pm, BYE 566
    Other times: by appointment only

  TA and His Office Hours:

    Mr. Ali Abbasi, mabbasi2 at asu.edu and Reza Zafarani, reza at au.edu
    TTh: 3:30 - 4:30pm or by appointment, BYE 214 AD


Text Book:  Artificial Intelligence - A Modern Approach by Russell and Norvig, 2nd Edition

A good reference book on Lisp: ANSI Common Lisp by Paul Graham, Prentice Hall

Reading Assignments, Homework, Projects, and Mid-Term Exams (Details at myASU):

Slides (tentative, under modification):

Useful Links

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o                     Torrey Stevens - AI mailing list
o                     Andrew Lasak - Robot Vacuum Cleaners
o                     Aleks Yasnogorodskiy - Deep Fritz (Final Score: 4-4)
o                     Daniele "Esaurito" Pagano - Performance of Lisp
o                     Daniele "Esaurito" Pagano - SHRDLU resurrection  (an NLP program of the block world) 
o                     recommended by a friend - The Evolution of a Programmer

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