CSE 691, Fall 2017

Advanced Topics on Social Media Analysis

Course Description:

Social media emerges as a mainstream communication means. It is used by people in all walks of life, employed in different disciplines and industries from trend prediction to business intelligence, from cybersecurity to behavior modeling. People share content, opinions, comment, like, tag, as well as connect old friends, meet new ones, and organize special interest groups. These user-generated activities help create various types of social media networks, generating various, heterogeneous sources of information otherwise not available through conventional media and communication channels. In this graduate course, we will introduce basic concepts and fundamental principles, learn the state-the-art research findings, study challenges indigenous to big social media data, and explore interdisciplinary solutions to social media analysis. We will study issues like public opinion, influence and intervention, sentiment analysis, privacy, trust, security, and reputation, examine social media applications in social mobility, cybersecurity, healthcare, education, and discuss intriguing open questions such as big data paradox, evaluation dilemma, and noise-removal fallacy. The ultimate goal of this graduate course is to sharpen problem solving skills of our graduate students, improve critical thinking capability, and explore novel research issues, paving way for generating startup ideas and conducting advanced research.


  • Two of the following: probability and statistics/linear algebra, data mining, machine learning, social media mining, or artificial intelligence.
  • Other students should receive permission from the instructor.

Line number:

  • CSE691 - 86705

Classroom and Hours:

  • BYAC 240, TTh 3:00 – 4:15pm

Office Hours:

    TTh 4:15 - 5:15pm, BYE 566
    Other times: by appointment only

  TAs and Office Hours:

    Course TA: Jundong Li, jundongl@asu.edu, by appointment

     Project TA: Liang Wu, wuliang@asu.edu, by appointment

Semester Duration: 8/17/2017 - 12/1/2017  Please send emails to TAs   for meetings and questions


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