Modeling Group Interactions via Open Data Sources


This project addresses an emerging challenge of developing a computational understanding of online groups and their interactions. By investigating the interactions between the groups and the social, economical, and physical forces acting on them, this project endeavors to achieve a better understanding of the operational environment by extracting pertinent values from groups of special interests. Online data sources contain massive amounts of data. The state-of-art search engines are designed to help general query-specific search and not suitable for finding disconnected online groups. The scientific and technical merits of the proposed research are demonstrated in (1) formulating novel research problems of searching disconnected online groups, (2) developing innovative mathematical and statistical models and efficient algorithms that leverage existing search engines and employ contextual information and meta data, and (3) conducting interdisciplinary scientific research that enables a new kind of search power and complementary research capabilities.

The project will develop new research capabilities and broaden the research base in online group search, can also contribute in improving business intelligence, advancing scientific collaboration, and expediting the development of a new generation of search tools. The project will also nurture graduate students, help renovate and develop CSE courses, and promote interdisciplinary research activities via annual workshops.


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This project is sponsored by AFOSR FA95500810132.

Created on September 2, 2008.
Contact: Huan Liu via Email:
Point of Contact: Dr. John Salerno
AFOSR Program Manager: Dr. Terrence Lyons

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