Online Vietnamese Reading Program
for Intermediate and Advanced Learners

Drum Hoang Ha: The Bronze Dong Son Drum
Last upate, June 1, 2005
  © 2004, LêPhạm Thuý-Kim

Online Authentic Reading Collection

This collection includes Vietnamese authentic readings published on the WWW.  These passages are listed according to topics and classified according to reading levels:

intermediate *

Tin tức VN - Vietnamese News Articles

Select the following online reading pasages suitable for your level and interest to read and write a summary of those passage in Vietnamese.  You can also try to answer all W questions about the chosen passage such as what, who, when, where, why in English to check on your reading comprehension with your Vietnamese tutor, a friend who is a native speaker of VN, or your instructor of Vietnamese.  You can also browse the following web site to find an authentic reading passage of your choice: