Online Vietnamese Reading Program
for Intermediate and Advanced Learners

Drum Hoang Ha -
The Bronze Dong Son Drums

Last update August 1, 2007
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The following reading lessons are written and developed for high-intermediate to advanced Vietnamese learners. Each lesson will lead you through five challenge steps: pre-reading activities, global activities, specific information activities, linguistic activities, and post-reading activities. 

Choose the appropriate reading acitivies for your level and start the lesson:

Intermediate level Tục lệ đốt pháo
Intermediate level "Ký túc xá" ở Madrak
High-intermediate level Quá nhiều người chết vì tai nạn giao thông ở VN
Low-Advanced level Sự tích Tơ Hồng

Sources of authentic reading materials:
* Người Việt Daily News (

*VietTimes: (

*Saigon Info (

*Phong tục VN

Source of reading lesson sample: Self-Directed Chinese Reading Sample (National Foreign Language Resource Center) at University of Hawaii at Manoa

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