A Glimpse of Vietnam

Khí hậu ở Việt Nam

Post- Listening/Viewing Activities

Learning Vocabulary
List at least five new words or phrases you have learned by guessing their meaning (s) based on context.

Example: từng = each

Writing Activities
Write short compositions in Vietnamese and submit them to your instructor for correction. If you are a self-learner of Vietnamese and know how to create a Word document in VN Unicode font*, send your dialogues typed in VN Unicde font to Ms. Lê Pham Thúy-Kim at kim.le@asu.edu via attachment to have them corrected and send back to you.

1. Viết một bài luận ngắn khoảng 100 từ để nói về khí hậu nơi bạn đang sống.
2. Theo ý bạn, khí hậu ở nơi nào lý tưởng (ideal) nhất? Tại sao?

Oral Activities

1. Work with a classmate or with a native speaker of VN, talk to each other about the above topics.
2. Prepare a short oral presentation about the climate where you are living and activites people there usually do during each season.