A Glimpse of Vietnam

Đi mua sắm

Post- Listening/Viewing Activities

Learning Vocabulary
List at least five new words or phrases you have learned by guessing their meaning (s) based on context.
Example: áo không tay = sleeveless blouse/dres

Writing Activities
1. What do you think about the policies of exchange, return, and refund at Minimum store as compared to those at most stores in the US or in your place? Can you write what you think in Vietnamese?

2. Write short dialogues in Vietnamese for the following endings and send those short dialogues to your instructor for correction. If you are a self-learner of Vietnamese and know how to create a Word document in VN Unicode font*, send your dialogues typed in VN Unicde font to Ms. Lê Pham Thúy-Kim at kim.le@asu.edu via attachment to have them corrected and send back to you.

a. Just right before paying, the customer finds out that the skirt she bought has a stain near the hem (một vết bẩn gần gấu váy). She tells the sales clerk ...
b. The customer's boyfriend comes in the store to pick her up. She shows him what she bought. He does not like the color of the dress she bought so she decides to exchange for a dress with a different color. She asks the sales clerk...
c. The customer does not have enough money, so she plans to pay by credit cards. Yes, the store accepts credit cards but customers have to pay 3% surchage (lệ phí). The sales clerk says...

Oral Activities
Work with a classmate or with a native speaker of VN, act out the above dialogues.