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HIS 441: Imperial Russia
MWF, 10:40-11:30 a.m., Social Sciences Building Room 211

This course examines the main lines of Russian history from Peter the Great to the Russian Revolution of February/March 1917. The major objective is to provide a critical understanding of the issues, figures and events shaping modern Russian history in the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. By attention to assigned readings, class lectures, open discussion and written work, students may use this course to gain a solid framework for appreciating Russian culture and society, as well as its political and economic development.

Assigned Reading
  1. B. H. Sumner, Peter the Great and Emergence of Russia (paperback-NB. out of print)
  2. Sergei Aksakov, A Russian Gentleman (paperback)
  3. Steven Hoch, Serfdom and Social Control in Russia: Petrovskoe, a Village in Tambov (paperback)
  4. Gregory Freeze, trans., Ivan Belliustin's Description of the Parish Clergy in Rural Russia (paperback)
  5. Nikolai Leskov, On the Edge of the World (paperback)
  6. Reginald Zelnik, trans., A Radical Worker in Tsarist Russia: The Autobiography of Semen Kanatchikov (paperback)
  7. N. Riasanovsky, A History of Russia. This hard cover text is optional reading. This or a comparable text is recommended to complement lectures and discussion.