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Breakfast Club Drops in on Taylor, Arizona



13 Aug 2011

by Warren McIlvoy


Last November, the Breakfast Club Event Committee met to construct the itinerary for 2011.  I suggested that we might want to go to Taylor, Arizona for a couple of reasons.  One was, the Breakfast Club has not been there before and, two, there was a pretty good place in town called Trappers that had, in my humble opinion, the best apple pie in the state.  The only caveat was assembling sufficient transportation to get from the airport to the restaurant.  I said that I would work on that when the time comes.


By now it is mid July and it was time to get this project rolling.  I knew that the town of Taylor had stationed a courtesy car at the airport but that would be insufficient to move a group the 3-miles to the restaurant.  I called the airport and explained that our fly-in would require more than one vehicle in order to get everyone into town in a timely manor.  The person that I spoke to referred me to Jered Hatch who was with the City of Taylor and maybe he could help me out.  Jered said that he would work on getting additional transportation and would let me know what he came up with.


In the mean time, following my posting of my Notam regarding the upcoming event, Ken Calman referred me to some folks who lived in Snowflake who might be able to help me out.  I emailed Dana Myatt and Mark Ziemann per Ken’s recommendation (Dana and Mark are members of the Phoenix Pilots Group) and informed them of my need for additional transportation.  A short time later, I received a response from Dana with a suggestion that they would put-on a cookout at the airport rather than traveling into town. 


It was in intriguing suggestion as it would certainly be a dramatic change in pace for the Breakfast Club and it would make the need for any sort of on site transportation, a moot issue.  I did have some concerns as to their ability to handle a group of 18-25 people as I was quite certain that they had never heard of the Breakfast Club.  I made further inquiries of them if they could handle such a group.  They responded that they had the ability and the logistics to serve our group and they also sent me a copy of their proposed menu.  To say that I was blown-away by their proposed menu would be a gross understatement.  Here was their response to my inquiry:


Dr. Myatt from Nurse Mark's computer...


We have the technology, skills and logistics to serve you a delicious breakfast.

I am not planning pancakes. I'm thinking quiche (in a variety of flavors), scrambled eggs, meats, toast and/or bagels and some sort of sweet rolls, fresh fruit, coffee, juice, cream cheese and jam for those who want it on their roll or toast. I may think of something else but that's the tentative menu so far.


We have cooked for "crowds" and are already lining up the necessary tables, chairs and coffee urn that we will need. We have the other necessary "Cook for a crowd" items that we'll need.


I included their response in my next Notam and asked if this might be more appealing than restaurant fare?  And I further asked for an approximate head count to give to our Taylor hosts.  My proposal was met with a resounding approval and by “game day”, I had a head count of about 40 people; obviously well above my original estimate. 


The day of the Breakfast Club fly-in was preceded by several days of our infamous “monsoon like” weather that left some doubt about what Saturday’s weather would be like.  But as it were, weather here at this time of the year can be very fickle and Saturday dawned sever clear but offered a high overcast in the White Mountains region.  With the mission being a “go” we launched from Deer Valley Airport and headed northeast for what proved to be a very rewarding morning of flying and gastronomical delights.


Since I was expecting a large attendance for this event, I suggested to the group that since we would be arriving from the southwest, that we do an “up-wind” arrival to the south of the runway and then cross-over to the north side over the departure end of runway 3, and then do a left down-wind pattern for runway 3.  This would provide for good spacing if a number of aircraft were arriving at the same time.  We were by no means the first to arrive but we were also not the last.  The ramp was well populated by Breakfast Club aircraft but I did find a parking spot along the north side of the ramp. 


After securing my airplane, I was greeted by Jered Hatch and Brian Carpenter both with the City of Taylor.  I was later informed that they were there to observe just how well a large fly-in group was organized because the City of Taylor was/is considering sponsoring a similar type of event to coincide with their annual corn festival to be held in early September of 2012.  I am convinced that they came away with a very positive determination.


Mark and Dana had arranged about 5 rows of tables along the outside of the terminal building to accommodate about 45-50 people.  They also had parked their motor home/mobile office on one side of the building along with their portable gas grille to handle preparation of the cooked foods.  Inside the building, they had arranged a series of serving tables to allow for a buffet style of serving the meal.  It certainly appeared to be more than their proposed menu as the choices just seemed to go on forever.  What they had prepared for us went well beyond our expectations and really set the bar quite high for any future iterations of this fly-in. 


Folks were all seated at the tables and enjoying this lavish meal and sharing their flying stories with each other.  The ramp also afforded a large variety of aircraft including a Thunder Mustang flown-in from Tucson by Skip Walker.  Skip constructed this kit aircraft that was powered by a 600-hp marine engine.  We also were favored by George Wilen and his

T-34 decked-out in Air Force colors.  Dana and Mark were also proud owners of a spiffy looking Piper PA28-151 all decked-out in a new paint scheme.  Chad Tenney of Taylor was there to handle the fuel sales as the price was a bit lower than back in the Phoenix area so a number of us took advantage of the lower fuel prices. 


The weather for our first ever Breakfast Club fly-in to Taylor turned-out to be better than expected and the breakfast that was prepared by Mark and Dana was, by all standards, a resounding success.  There is no doubt that any future fly-in event will be compared to this one. 


Dr. Dana Myatt, N.M.D. and Mark Ziemann R.N. can be emailed at: or at:  These folks went well out of their way to make this an exceptional Breakfast Club fly-in event and we extend or deepest appreciation for all of their efforts.  Thanks again Mark & Dana.


The Taylor Gang


  • Warren & Jeri-Ann McIlvoy with Jim Abraham in 93MB, BC-1 & 1.5
  • Greg & Lois Coomans with Gordon Coomans in 2493Q, BC-48
  • Skip Walker from Tucson in 244SW
  • Al Berg from Mogollon Air Park in 6486P
  • Rich Kupiec and Austin Erwin in 6693M, BC-47 & 86
  • Jim Palmer in 9313H
  • John & Pat Rynearson with Nick Rynearson in 3501S, BC-117
  • Trent Heidtke with Tim & Ramona Yoder in 52TY, BC-52 & 112
  • Jim & Gerry Landers in 3422S
  • Paul Fortune and Allan Wallace in 31270, BC-201 & 39
  • George and Steve Wilen in 5734B, BC-34
  • Glen & Judy Yoder in 31TC, BC-007
  • Richard Azimov and Zack Sands in 6864Q, BC-2
  • Mark and Bill Hess in 428DW
  • Ron Smith in 566U
  • Ken Calman in Blue Yonder, BC-6

And from the City of Taylor

  • Chad Tenney
  • Brian Carpenter
  • Jered Hatch

And our hosts

  • Dr Dana Myatt, N.M.D.
  • Mark Ziemann, R.N.


What’s Next?


September will be our second overnight event and it will be to Flagstaff with planned visits to the Arizona Snow Bowl and the Lowell Observatory.  We will be staying at the Courtyard by Marriott with a Saturday night dinner at Black Bart’s.  October will see us returning to cool Big Bear City in California with breakfast at the Barnstorm Café.  That’s all for now, but remember, fly safe.


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