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Breakfast Club Lands in White Mountain Lakes

Enjoys Tailgate Breakfast in the Hangar



10 Aug 2013

By Warren McIlvoy



We did a little juggling of the schedule by inserting White Mountain Lake (21AZ) in order to both work within the schedule of our hosts who prepared our breakfast meal and also to take advantage of some great August weather in the White Mountains.  Dana Myatt and Mark Ziemann did such an outstanding job the last time that we were up here, that I just could not turn-down this opportunity to schedule this fly-in. 


White Mountain Lakes is part of a private “fly-in” community that is about 7-miles NNE of Show Low, Arizona and given the choice, I would opt to spend an August day in the White Mountains rather than in the Phoenix area.  Besides it is only an hour’s flight to this gorgeous part of the state.  Since 21AZ is so close to Show Low, the route of flight is virtually the same with just a slight twist to the north as you near Show Low.  The runway is listed at 4,000’ in length but it has a 1,500’ paved overrun on the east end. 


With about 16 Breakfast Club aircraft in route, the “group flight following” frequency was busy with position reports.  The plan was to use the ATIS information from SOW for the needed airport information at 21AZ.  As it were, the winds were very light out of the south so using runway 12 would by the runway of choice this morning.  Since there is no taxiway, it is helpful to try to land short enough so that your rollout will take you to the turn-off that is in front of the hangar/clubhouse. 


We were not the first to arrive but by no means the last.  After parking our aircraft, we walked over to the hangar where Dana and Mark were busy preparing their usual gourmet breakfast and we were greeted by Lem Cook, the airport manager and airpark developer.  Besides the Breakfast Club gang, there were also some local folks in attendance including my daughter’s in-laws who live in Pinetop.  I thought that it would be a good opportunity to visit with them as they live so close and they would also get a glimpse of what a bunch of starving aviators look like on a breakfast fly-in. 


Dana and Mark had set-up the serving line along one wall of the hangar with about six rows of tables to accommodate the group.  The breakfast menu would make a starving man cry over the selections.  There was coffee (leaded and unleaded) plus juices, breads and pastries, sausage and bacon, two kinds of potatoes, and two choices of scrambled eggs and I am sure that I have forgotten some things.  And Dana and Mark do this for free with a free will donation.  The donation this time would go towards personal items for our troops that are stationed overseas.


After moving through the serving line for my first load, I sat down at our table to chat with the Jim & Ester Dreos (daughter’s in-laws).  After a while, I mingled amongst the crowd and took some photos of our gathering.  I reacquainted myself with the clubhouse as well as making a mandatory pit stop prior to our departure.  The weather was so wonderful that it seemed that our departure time arrived all too soon.  After thanking Dana and Mark for the fabulous meal I walked over to Lem and expressed our appreciation for his hospitality.  The wind was still light so we opted to use runway 30 for our departure.  Since there is no taxiway, a small group of 2-3 aircraft would taxi down the runway to the “turn-around” where they could do the run-up and perform their takeoff.  Even at an altitude of 6066’ (I would suspect a density altitude of about 8500’) all of the aircraft were airborne prior to reaching the dedicated runway.  After liftoff, a slight left turn to about 335* would take us directly to DVT (and the heat of an August day).


If you would like more information regarding home sites at the airpark, you can contact Lem Cook at:

Silver Creek Properties L.L.C.,



Dr Dana Myatt and Mark Ziemann, R.N. have a business in the White Mountain called:

Dr. Myatts Wellness Club

P.O. Box 900

Snowflake, AZ 85937 or you can visit their web site at: www.DrMyattsWellness     


The White Mountain Lakes Gang


  • Warren & Jeri-Ann McIlvoy and Imran Jamali in 93MB, BC-1 & 1.5
  • Guests, Jim & Ester Dreos from Pinetop, AZ
  • Larry Berger and Garrett Dauphars in 77V, BC-66
  • Steve & Karen Brown in 57LW
  • Jim Little, Dewey Harnagel, and Dan Dahlquist in 6028X
  • Rich Kupiec and Greg Coomans in 6693M, BC-47 and BC-48
  • Guest, Gordon & Lois Coomans, local
  • Jim Palmer and Ronnie Lee in 9313H
  • Adam Rosenberg in 8377W, BC-72
  • Tim Yoder and Trent Heidtke in52TY, BC-52
  • Pete Ducan in 538JC
  • Jim Carter in 9586R
  • Don Carter in 21419
  • Austin Goodwin in 4351X, BC-317
  • Larry & Sandy Jensen in 14LJ, BC-65
  • Mel Riddlebarger in 5423P


What’s Next?


September will be the second overnight Breakfast Club event to the Grand Canyon, south rim.  We will be staying at both the El Tovar Hotel and the Kachina Lodge.  Breakfast will be at the El Tovar dinning room.  We will tour and hike the south rim and then have dinner at the El Tovar.  This promises to be a truly great weekend event.  In October, we will be traveling to Lake Havasu and Breakfast at the Makai Café next to the London Bridge.  This has become a very popular annual event.  That’s all for now but remember, fly safe.


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