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Breakfast Club Lands in Yuma, Visits Jet-A-Way Café




12 Feb 2011

by Warren McIlvoy



The Breakfast Club finally made it to one of the last bastions of civilizations in Arizona, Yuma.  I made frequent trips to Yuma for Flights For Life but the Breakfast Club has not stopped there as there was no place for a group to eat without arranging for transportation.  With the opening of the new Million Air FBO facility and the adjoining Jet-A-Way Café, all that changed.  But it almost did not happen.


The new Million Air building opened in mid January but the restaurant was delayed due to the late delivery of the needed equipment.  By the end of the month, the kitchen equipment had arrived but they were still lacking the tables and chairs for the dinning area.  I had kept in constant contact with the manager and they were still hoping to be open by are arrival date but I was scrambling for an alternative location if they were unable to accommodate us.  As luck would have it, their furniture arrived on the Wednesday before our scheduled fly-in date.  On the Friday before our arrival, they had sort of a “shake-down” run by offering free food for the folks around the airport to work most of the bugs out.


To add just a touch of doubt to our fly-in schedule, the weather during mid-week was putting the fly-in event in jeopardy.  But by Friday morning, everything cleared-up and Saturday morning was offering gorgeous flying weather.  My usual route that is loaded into the Garmin GPS is to a user defined waypoint that is near the north end and just to the west of the White Tank Mountains.  From there it is direct to JUDTH intersection and then direct to Yuma.  It really felt strange to not take to Luke Approach as they were not operating on Saturday morning and then even more strange was not taking to Albuquerque Center for flight following.  I had advised everyone to fly to this intersection as the route from there would keep you from straying into the restricted areas that border the “corridor” to Yuma.  Once at JUDTH, I suggested that they all call Yuma Approach to help them get to the Yuma Airport as many of the Breakfast Club folks have never been to Yuma.  Yuma is a “joint use” airport that is shared by the Marine Corp and the City of Yuma.  Normally, the tower is closed on weekends but, surprise, it was operating today.  I also suggested that you notify Approach that you would prefer a “straight-in” to runway 26 as this was the easiest procedure for those who were unfamiliar with the Yuma Airport.


One of the approach controllers noted the large influx of traffic for a Saturday morning and inquired about what was happening.  I informed him that the Breakfast Club has a scheduled fly-in today.  He asked where there was a place to eat on the field and I told him that Million Air had just opened a new restaurant as part of their new facility.  He later asked if they were offering free food today and I responded “in your dreams”.


As I recall, all but two people got the runway 26 assignment but one person had to use runway 8 and one had to use runway 3 left.  Eventually we ended-up on the ramp at Million Air.  Another unusual item was they were parking us right in front of the new facility which during the week is filled with larger business aircraft.


Just before we headed for the café, I gave a few folks a brief tour of the new facility including the “movie room” with its reclining armchairs and the subdued lighting.  The main lobby had a popcorn machine in one corner and a coffee maker in another.  In the middle of the room was the reception desk where Sandra greeted us with some fresh baked cookies (just what I needed). 


The Jet-A-Way Café is accessed via a short hallway on the north side of the lobby.  The café is not overly large but adequate for our needs.  The tables would normally accommodate about 16-people but we had 21 so they brought-in some chairs from the lobby area for our use.  The breakfast menu is not overly large and seems to cater more to the lunch crowd.  The breakfast entrees were served in Styrofoam containers well suited for the carry-out trade but would suffice for today.  I had the “Hungryman’s” croissant that had fried eggs, bacon, cheese, and sausage paddy.  I thought that it was quite tasty and quieted my growling stomach.  The entrees did not come with any sides (potatoes or toast) but were of sufficient size to make them unnecessary.  As it turns-out, the Breakfast Club were their first paying customers.  I suspect that as time goes on, that they will change some things and maybe add others.   The Jet-A-Way Café is not usually open on weekends but did open for our fly-in event.  I suggested to Manny, the manager of the FBO that they might want to reconsider that policy as the gang of $350 weekend fliers that line the Colorado River to the north, are usually out on Saturdays looking for new places to explore. 


All-in-all, the new Million Air facility is a first class operation and might warrant a visit just to see what is new in Yuma.  They are also the operators of the self-serve fueling station that is located closer to the Care Flight building that is along taxiway Z2.  Because of the lower serf-serve fuel price, a number of us got in line there and topped-off our tanks.  We will give these folks some time to “mature” their restaurant and keep them in our radar for a future visit.




The Yuma Group


  • Warren & Jeri-Ann McIlvoy in 93MB, BC-1 & 1.5
  • Austin Erwin, Rich Kupiec, and Ron Greenbank in 6693M, BC-86 & 47
  • Jim Palmer in 9313H
  • Larry Jensen in 14LJ, BC-65
  • Richard Azimov and Harry Sunshine in 6864Q, BC-2
  • Chris Zollars in 7730T
  • Don Graminski in 9064V, BC-16
  • John Rynearson in 3501S, BC-117
  • Greg Coomans, Doug Doehrman, and Libby Vance in 2493Q
  • Marguerik Baier and Traci Leider in 75840
  • Richard Spiegel and Sam Foote in 15040, BC-3 & 53
  • Ken Claman and Gena Lighthouse in 3293Y, BC-26



What’s Next?


Our March fly-in event will be to Benson, Arizona and the Horseshoe Café followed by a tour of Karchner Caverns.  The April event will be to Marble Canyon and the Marble Canyon Café.  That’s all for now but remember, fly safe.



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