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Breakfast Club Kicks-Off New Year in Payson/Crosswinds Café




8 Jan 2011

by Warren McIlvoy



What better place could you choose to kick-off our 18th year of monthly breakfast fly-ins than Payson, Arizona?  Payson is one of favorites amongst the aviation community as it is a short flight from most any valley airport and it offers slightly more temperate climes in the summer.  The Crosswinds Café sites atop a small knoll adjacent to the ramp parking and offers some of the best views of Mogollon Rim to the north.


 A small informal fly-in was planned in the first of January to welcome-in the new decade but weather did not cooperate.  The runway was only partially cleared but still had snow over ice with braking conditions somewhat on the poor side.  Those conditions offered way more excitement than most of us wanted so it was a no-go.  However, on our schedule fly-in date a week later, conditions were vastly improved.  The sun was shinning brightly, the runway was cleared, and all of the ramp parking has been cleared of snow. 


After landing on runway 24 in calm winds, I easily made the first turn-off just past the restaurant and taxied back to the ramp that is just to the east of the small ramp that is in front of the restaurant.  After securing the airplane, we waited on the ramp as other Breakfast Club aircraft were arriving.  I am sure glad that I had opted for a heavier jacket as the temperature was hovering right around freezing.  I took some ramp photos while greeting other Breakfast Club folks but the chill of the early morning and the allure of some hot coffee made this greeting session an abbreviated one.


I had called the Crosswinds earlier in the week to reserve the “patio” dinning area and I thought that we might have about 20 people for the fly-in.  Although it is only about a 25-minute flight from Deer Valley, the first hint that my head count might be just a tad off.  The radio chatter was greater than normal and there were some voices that I had not heard for some time.  Another hint was that the traffic pattern was like a beehive and while waiting on the ramp, you could see no less than three aircraft in the pattern at all times.  When all was said and done, we had a total of 41 people show-up.  We completely filled the patio dinning area and we overflowed into the main dinning area by one table.  I guess that there was a lot of pent-up flying energy and it was a great day to kick-off a new year of flying adventures.


The Crosswinds Café has always been known for their good “airport” food and ample portions.  Over the years, the only thing that has changes is the size of the building.  Back in the early 80’s, the Crosswinds Café was made-up of two small trailers joined at a right angle so it was obviously small.  The same person who worked the Unicom radio was also the same person who fried your eggs and flipped your flapjacks.  The present building came about around 1990 with the “patio” dinning area being added a few years later. 


Even with the Breakfast Club group being double what I had told them, the serving folks got our orders to us in pretty good time considering that the locals also know where this place is.  One of the neat things about the Crosswinds Café is that the wide windows that overlook the ramp parking area, also provides an excellent view of the Mogollon Rim to the north.  It is often called by the locals, “the million dollar view”.  With Sedona being in the process of replacing their restaurant, Payson has become even more popular, but then again, it always has been.


The Payson Group


  • Warren & Jeri-Ann McIlvoy in 93MB, BC-1 & 1.5
  • George Zukaucas in 560T
  • Ken Cada
  • Mert Bean in 5882Q
    Jordan Ross and Jordan Nelson, BC-11
  • Jerry & Nancy Grout and Bruce & Diane Long in 29T
  • John Rynearson in 3501S, BC-117
  • Rich Kupiec in 6693M
  • Greg Coomans and Doug Doehman in 2493Q, BC-48
  • Richard Spiegel and Nancy Shore in 901KA, BC-3
  • Richard Azimov and Harry Sunshine in 6864Q, BC-2
  • Tom Roche in 2931M, BC-31
  • Trent Heidtke and Tim Yoder in 52TY, BC-112 & 52
  • Roger Whittier in 706CD, BC-122
  • Adam Rosenberg and Luiz Muzzio in 8377W, BC-72
  • Bob & Dalia Bureker and Han Chae in 44669
  • Peter Duran
  • Larry Jensen in 14LJ, BC-65
  • Glen Yoder and ???, BC-007
  • Don Graminski in 9064V, BC-16
  • Harold DarcAngelo in 320HD, BC-32
  • Jim Abraham and Mark Kotyuk in 3056
  • Jim Palmer in 9313H
  • Todd Lasher in 2471R
  • Dan Tollman in 5975L
  • Dan Bott in 9776E
  • Nate D’Anna in 12VG




What’s Next?


In February, the Breakfast Club will be making its first ever trip to Yuma and dinning at the new restaurant that is part of the new Million Air facility.  March will see the Breakfast Club returning to Benson and revisiting Karchner Caverns State Park.  That’s all for now but remember, fly safe.


To view photos of this fly-in event, just click on Payson photos