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Breakfast Club Visits Payson/Crosswinds Cafe




10 July 2010

by Warren McIlvoy



This is the time of the year when the Breakfast Club wants to keep the monthly events relatively “close-in” so that we can change our normal arrival time to 0800 rather 0900.  This allows us to get out of bed at a more reasonable time and enjoy the cooler morning temperatures and to get home before the air has a chance to get overly bumpy.  For the month of July, the event committee chose a pilot favorite in Payson, Arizona


The story here is not so much Payson but the very comfortable temperatures that we were to enjoy on this event.  The early morning weather briefing did not look especially appealing with a few very low clouds, a broken layer (later repaired) and a moderately high overcast layer.  By the time that we were to depart for the airport, the low level clouds had dissipated and the broken layer had lifted well above the airport traffic pattern altitude.  The overcast was still there but plenty high for us to cross the ridge line between here and Payson.


The direction from Deer Valley Airport to Payson is northeasterly and just barely long enough to qualify for the cross-country entry in the logbook.  We were talking to some the other Breakfast Club aircraft as we neared the ridgeline that is 10 miles southwest of Payson Airport.  The winds were calm making runway 24 the runway of choice this morning.  I was first in the pattern so other traffic was of no concern as we turned-off the runway at the mid-field turn-off.  As we turned onto the taxiway, we opened both windows and were greeted with the cool Payson air that was in the 60’s with the humidity hanging near 80%.  It had rained about 45-minutes before our arrival.  Parking in front of the restaurant is limited to only about 6 aircraft so I continued on the taxiway to additional parking just to the east.  I had my choice of two parking tie-downs so decision time was minimal.  After chocking the wheels, we started the short hike to the Crosswinds Restaurant.  Most of the other folks had parked on the ramp that was nearer the camp grounds so their trek was a bit longer.


I had called earlier in the week and reserved some tables in the “patio” room at the far west end of the dinning area.  As our group filed-in, we filled the seats of the two long tables that were set-up for us.  Bob & Dalia Bureker were already there and sitting at a separate table.  They have a place in Payson and “drove” to our fly-in.  There are several constant things about the Crosswinds Restaurant; the food is always good, the servings are ample, the prices are reasonable, the views to the north are outstanding.  Payson has always been a pilot favorite with $250 dollar hamburger crowd and with the restaurant in Sedona being closed until some time next spring; this is the only place to go that is so close to the Phoenix metro area.  I was pleasantly surprised to see Bert & Dee Davis there as they have not been to a Breakfast Club fly-in for several years.  I was sure great to see them again.


After our breakfast and as the Breakfast Club folks were preparing to head to their airplanes, I walked to the west ramp to get some photos of the aircraft that were parked there.  As we were leaving, I debated with myself if I should head straight back or take the scenic route down the Tonto Basin and take the turn at Mount Ord.  But since the objective was to avoid the heat, I decided to take the shortest route back.  I was a little bit disappointed in the turn-out considering how nice the weather was when we got there and how close Payson is to the Valley but I suspect that some folks were intimidated by the less than appealing early morning weather conditions.  They should not have given-up so easily. 


The Payson Group


  • Warren & Jeri-Ann McIlvoy with Paul Fortune in 93MB, BC-1, 1.5, and 201
  • Richard Azimov and Harry Sunenshine in 6864Q, BC-2
  • Glen Yoder with Ramona & Jaylin Yoder, BC-007
  • Larry Jensen in 14LJ, BC-65
  • Roger Whittier in 706CD, BC-122
  • Austin Goodwin in 4351X, BC-317
  • Bob & Dalia Bureker, (drove in)
  • Bert & Dee Davis in 44806



What’s Next?


Our August fly-in will be to another “nearby” location of Prescott, Arizona but to a new restaurant called the Mustang Café at Legend Aviation on the east side of the field.  Our September over-night fly-in will be to Bisbee and staying at the Copper Queen Hotel.  This is a change from our originally planned SedonaSince we could not work-out a deal with the Sky Ranch Lodge and the fact that the restaurant is closed, that made changing locations pretty easy.  That is all for now, but remember, fly safe.



You may view photos of this fly-in event by clicking on the Payson link