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Breakfast Club Invades Seligman, West Side Lilo's




By Warren McIlvoy
10 May 2003

In June, the Breakfast Club invaded Seligman.  We were not schedule to go there, but , as circumstances turned-out, that is where we ended-up.  Your see, we were originally slated to go to Mesquite, Nevada and the Oasis Casino.  After I had posted the notam regarding that event, I got an e-mail note from one of our members that stated that the casinos no longer provided shuttle service from the airport, to the casinos.  Bummer.  Without the transportation, this location was no longer viable.  I quickly got in-touch with my crack event committee to see if they could come-up with an alternative destination.  Winslow was suggested as we have not been there for a while and the Last Resort Café seemed like a good place to congregate.  I called the folks at the café to let them know that we would be heading their way on the 10th of May.  To my utter surprise, I was informed that they did not open until 1100.  What?  An airport restaurant that does not open for breakfast.  Incredible!  That will give a whole new meaning to the term "Last Resort Café ".  What now?  An executive decision was in order.  I fell back on what is quickly becoming a favorite of the "Hundred Dollar Hamburger " crowd, Seligman and the West Side Lilo's Café.

Departing Scottsdale to the northwest, I climbed to 8500' into very smooth air.  We did experience about a 10-12 knot headwind, but it was quite smooth none-the-less.  You do not necessarily need to climb that high, but since I wanted to go "direct", I needed that much space below me to stay clear of the Prescott airspace as we would be only about 2 miles from the airport as we passed overhead.  About half way to Prescott , I was hearing a bit of chatter on our "air-to-air" channel but it did not give much of a clue as to the eventual size of our group. 

There is not a lot of scenery north of Prescott as it is mostly high plateau with an occasional ridge line and some widely spaced mountains.  As I recall, there were little to none of the familiar "little" towns that we would occasionally spot along the way.  There were one or two "ranches", but nothing of any size.  The direct route from Prescott follows what is called the Chino Wash so there is very little to see.  The frequency was now brimming with chatter but there were many unfamiliar tail numbers and voices so I did not know if they were all part of the Breakfast Club group.   Since the airport at Seligman is unattended, I got an altimeter setting from Prescott as both airports are close to the same altitude.  Somewhere between Prescott and Seligman, I began a slow letdown to the pattern altitude of 6200'.  Since all of the traffic patterns at Seligman are on the north side of the airport, everyone opted to enter the right hand traffic via a mid field crossing.  Traffic was fairly heavy in the area so we kept a constant vigil for conflicts as I made the mid field crossing.  On short final to runway 22, it became quite apparent that there was a bit of a right crosswind.  At about mid field, I made a left turn and taxied to the ramp which was now teeming with activity and I got one of the few remaining tie-downs left. 

When I had called earlier in the week to give the folks at the restaurant a "heads-up", I stated that we would need some transportation to their place.  Got everything covered----right, well not quite.  As we wandered around the ramp area greeting the prior arrivals along with the new arrivals, there was no transportation in sight.  It was now about 20 minutes after our scheduled arrival time, and since I did not have the phone number for the restaurant handy, it was a case of hiking to the restaurant.  Enmass, we exited the airport property and headed-up the path that would take us up to the famous and historical, Route 66.   When we reached the main street ( Route 66 ), Lilo's West Side Cafe was about a block further to our left and across the street.  All-in-all, about a 10-15 minute hike.  As we entered the restaurant, I could easily tell that the Breakfast Club gang had already started to dominate the available seating.  As you can see by the long list of participants below, this was by far our most attended event in several years. 

Most of our group knew from the last visit to Lilo's, that you had to be careful about what you ordered.  Not to be confused about the quality of the food which is altogether good, but the portions could challenge event the heartiest of appetites.  Still there were some that did not know about this cautionary.  I noticed one person who had ordered a full stack of pancakes but what he did not know was that this would feed two people real easy.  I ordered the ham and eggs with only one pancake on the side and it was still more than I could comfortably handle even with my wife helping me out with the pancake.  When we were here the last time, we heard about the homemade cinnamon rolls that Lilo makes herself.  This time we elected to take one home with us and cut it into more edible portions, you see, these things are almost a foot across.  Another couple chose a portion of the carrot cake, again, a thing of beauty.  Anyone contemplating heading up here for a bit to eat, better be very hungry and be sure to check you weight and balance of your aircraft.

After our ample breakfast, I spotted Lilo Russell, the owner and operator of this fine establishment, and complimented her on another fine job for our group.  I also mentioned that there was one person that had an ankle injury and asked if we could get a ride for him back to the airport.  Lilo quickly responded by volunteering her services as shuttle driver.  All she had to do was shed her chef’s hat, for that of a chauffeur.  A women of many talents.  It's no wonder that this destination is becoming a very popular breakfast or lunch Mecca for the Valley's flying gourmets.  It is only about 140 miles and is about and 80 minute flight for even the slowest of aircraft.  Another little item of interest is that, on the first Saturday of May, the whole town reverts back to the 50's.  There are constant parades of classic cars driving down main street and  I have been told that they may number more than 200.  I believe that it might be well worth the trip up here just to relive that part of our youth that is now just a fond memory.


The Seligman Gang

  • Warren & Jeri-Ann McIlvoy in 4544X, BC-1
  • Cliff Hudson and Geri Varelu in 7236A, BC-77
  • Garrett Dauphars and Allen Lipack in 1841H
  • Whitney White in 3484X
  • Richard Spegal and Richard Azimov in 901KA, BC-2 & 3
  • Hannig and Nancy Rogers and Keven & Beth Hannig in 34086, BC-177
  • Fadley and Gerry Pauling
  • Don Graminske in 9064V, BC-16
  • Bert & Dee Davis in 44806
  • Glen & Judy Yoder in 31TC, BC-007
  • Allen & Patricia Wallace with Leroy & Arline Stevenson in 9002U, BC-39
  • Jerry & Nancy Grout in 2862W
  • Trent Heidtke and Time Yoder in 4638W, BC-112
  • Roger & Joanna Pries in 13806
  • Mike & Keli Samons in 9064V
  • Jim Nelson in 1718H, BC-310
  • Dan Tollman in 5975L


What's Next?

The June Breakfast Club event will see us traveling to the cooler climes at the Grand Canyon and the Squires Motel.  As I recall, it is about a ½ mile walk, partly through the woods, to the motel.  But at that time of the morning, it should be a very pleasant hike.  July will see us heading north again but this time it will be Kayenta and the Holiday Inn.  That's all for now, but remember, fly safe.

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