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Breakfast Club Visits Show Low




Dines at Aunt Nancy’s


19 April 2010

by Warren McIlvoy



When the summer temperatures make their yearly appearance, we tend to look to the higher elevations for relief from the summer heat.  One such place is Show Low, Arizona in the White Mountains in the eastern part of the state.  At an elevation of 6400’, you can pretty much count on a brief respite (all to short) from the desert climates.  I had to reschedule this event due to some poor weather on the weekend of our fly-in event.  The one week wait was well worth it. 


We departed Phoenix Deer Valley Airport and headed in an easterly direction and staying below 8,000’ until nearing Mt Ord where the outer fringes of the Class B airspace end.  From that point, we climbed to 9500’ in order to stay well above the Mogollon Rim while we proceeded to the east.  I made contact with several other Breakfast Club aircraft while in route but they seemed to be few in number.  One reason was that the EAA Chapter based in Heber was having their annual pancake cookout at the Heber/Overgaard Airport.  The early morning weather briefing indicated that the upper level winds would be out of the southwest but at only 4-5 knots.  The winds at SOW were also expected to be light but favoring runway 21.


When we got near enough to Show Low to pick-up the AWOS, the winds did indeed favor 21 but they were 13 gusting to 20.  At about 10 miles to the southwest of the airport, I gave a call on the CTAF to let traffic know where we were and that we would be making a left down-wind approach to runway 21.  An aircraft reported departing 24 to the southwest so we responded that we would be looking out for them.  When we were approximately 3 miles from the Show Low Airport, I spotted the departing aircraft off to our right at maybe just under a half mile away.  I gave them a call and informed them that I had their aircraft in sight and that they were no factor.


From the left down-wind and base, I turned about a 1-mile final.  As we got closer, I detected a “sink hole” and applied a great deal of power to maintain a proper glideslope.  About 20-years or so ago, there used to be a small lake right off the approach end of the runway but has since dried-up but the low “basin” make a perfect place for a headwind right down the runway, to take-on a “sinking effect”.  Upon reaching the transient parking area on the south ramp, we secured the aircraft with the tie-down chains and waited for the other Breakfast Club aircraft to arrive.  After everyone had tied-down their aircraft, we exited the gate and walked over to the terminal building where our van from Mountain Valley Shuttle was waiting for us.  The ride to Aunt Nancy’s is only about 3-miles and in short order; we were making our way into the café.


Aunt Nancy’s would appear to have been a house many years ago that has since been morphed into a cozy restaurant.  There are a number of smaller dinning rooms on either side of the main room where you entered.  There is nothing aviation about this place but it does remind me of my grandparents home.  But I guess that is partially what it is all about.  Since our group was not real large, we were all seated in one of the smaller side rooms.  Our menu choices were plenty and the prices were pretty good for a summer get-a-way town.  The service was good and friendly and we got our orders promptly.  The one strange thing about Aunt Nancy’s is that they do not accept any sort of charge or credit cards, cash only.  Aunt Nancy’s is a cozy, pleasant place to dine but bring cash, not a whole lot, but cash. 


After breakfast, we all gathered around the entrance to Aunt Nancy’s to get a group photo.  About 10-minutes after that, the van arrived for the trip back to the airport.  The winds were still enthusiastic and still favoring runway 21 so we wound our way out of the parking area and to the taxiway that is on the opposite side of the runway.  Since you can not see the end of the runway from this location, it is always a good idea to make a radio call to make sure that no one is taking-off.  At 8500’ the head winds had pick-up a bit and the quality of the ride had deteriorated by the same amount that the winds had increased.  But, then again, who really cares.  We had a great meal, some good fellowship with our fellow aviators, and the sun was shinning.  It doesn’t get much better than this.


The Show Low Gang


  • Warren & Jeri-Ann McIlvoy and Paul Fortune in 93MB, BC-1 & 1.5 and 201
  • Don Graminske and Sam Smieja in 9064V, BC-16
  • Adam Rosenberg in 4372J, BC-72
  • Dwayne Day and Jon Shawl in 694RJ, BC-36
  • Greg Coomans, Steve Gavette, and Austin Erwin in 6693M, BC-36 & BC-86
  • Parents of Greg, Gordon & Lois Coomans
  • Glen & Judy Yoder in 31TC, BC-007


What’s Next?


The Breakfast Club will be traveling to Prescott in August and dinning at the new Mustang Café.  Our September fly-in was supposed to be Sedona but the restaurant has been closed and the new facility may not be open until the end of the year.  Therefore, we will be going to Bisbee and staying at the historic Copper Queen Hotel.  We can take mine tour and/or one of the surface van tours, which ever trips your trigger.  That’s all for now but remember, fly safe.


Click on the link below to view photos of Show Low fly-in event.