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17 Mar 2012

by Warren McIlvoy


It has been a while since we last visited Globe, Arizona, not because we did not want to visit the place, but because foul weather played a major role in canceling our visit.  Today, weather was good to start the day but as the day wore on, it turned very ugly but not till later in the day. 


The best route to Globe from Deer Valley Airport is to head-out to the east and stay below 6,000’ until just west of Saguaro Lake where you can climb to just under 7,000’.  At a point a few miles to the north of Saguaro Lake, GRINE intersection lies just outside the Phoenix Class B airspace where you can climb to 7,500’ or greater without any restrictions.  From GRINE intersection, it a straight shot to Globe all-be-it over mountainous terrain but at 7,500’ you are well above the rocks. 


The winds were predicted to be out of the southwest at about 10kts or so but when I reached 7,500’ and over the rocks, the ride was pretty smooth.  Or at least it was until I started flying over the mining operations to the west of Globe and then it got a bit bumpy.  The airport was clearly visible west of town but what little wind that there was on the ground,  was light and out of the west favoring runway 27.  Since I had traffic behind me, I landed a little long and rolled-out to the turn-off to the ramp near the west end of the Globe Airport. 


Most of the Breakfast Club folks were already there but we waited for the last two airplanes to park and join the group for some ramp photos.  The hike to the Apache Gold Resort and Casino is not much more than a quarter mile or so and just across the highway that borders the northern edge of the airport.  We entered the casino from the east entrance and proceeded directly to the Wickiup Buffet.  A line had formed for the east dinning room but there was no one in the west dinning area.  I asked the cashier if we could use the west dinning area so that we could all sit together.  One of the servers inquired if we were all going to use the buffet or order from the menu as this area is used primarily for the buffet.  We all agreed that the buffet would work for us. 

At my table sat Mark Ziemann and Dr Dana Myatt, the folks who put on the wonderful cook-out at our Taylor event last year.  I told them that we were going to White Mountain Lakes in June and dinning at the gold course.  They said that they could do another cook-out at the airport and that it would be better than the one at Taylor.  I said they had set the bar pretty high on that one and wondered how they could top that.  They both said that they would work on it.  After I had finished my breakfast, I took some photos of the Breakfast Club folks before they all departed for the airport.


Prior to departing the building, most of us made “pit stops” before returning to the airport.  On the ramp, the winds were now out of the south at about 10kts and since we were much closer to runway 09, we elected to take-off to the east.  Since it was quite bumpy of town on my arrival, I though that maybe returning by way of Roosevelt Lake might possibly be a little smoother.  Not only was this route not smoother, it was constant moderate turbulence all the way back to the valley.  The only saving grace was that this was somewhat of a short flight but I still had to check my crowns to see if they were still in place.  Better luck next time.


The Globe Group


  • Warren McIlvoy in 93MB, BC-1
  • Mark Ziemann and Dr Dana Myatt in 8391S
  • Adam Rosenberg in 8377W, BC-72
  • Jim Gunnlaugson in C-GUNN (Canadian visitor)
  • Mert Bean and Patrick Gavin in 588FQ
  • Richard Azimov and Jordan Ross in 6864Q, BC-2 & BC-10
  • Steve and Joey Loyer with Nate Weiss in 8968M
  • Glen Yoder and Santos ? in 31TC, BC-007
  • Peter Duran in 358JC
  • Larry Jensen in 14LJ, BC-65
  • Ron Smith in 566U
  • John Rynearson in 3501S, BC-117


What’s Next?


Our April event will see the Breakfast Club travel southeast to the border and Douglas, Arizona and the historic Gadsden Hotel.  Well worth the time and effort to see this piece of history.  In May, we will be visiting another piece of history and an overnight stay in Tombstone, Arizona.  We have been to Tombstone a few times but we have never really stayed long enough to really get to know the place.  That all for now but remember, fly safe. 


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