Dr. Mary Stokrocki

Distinguished NAEA Professor of Art Education & Fulbright Scholar

"The teacher who walks in the shadow of his[her] temple, among [his] her followers, gives not of his [her] wisdom but rather of his [her] lovingness. If s/he is indeed wise, s/he does not bid you enter the house of his[her] wisdom. but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind" [Kahil Gibran]



Teaching Southwest Culture through Architecture: A Participant Observation Study

Resume & Publications

Stages of Clay & Drawing Development

Methods of Assessment

Teaching Visual Culture

My Arizona Ecological Paintings in an illustrated child's book, Lindsey's Desert Surprise

Ofrenda - Altar for My Parents & Family

Elderly People's Preferences: Window Displays [In dad's memory]

Art in Cultural Contexts

Taiwan Teaching

Victims of Violence -- Day of the Dead Commemoration

Cross-Cultural Study of Children Drawing "I Love to Dance"

Children's Communion Drawings in Barcelona

Benchmark Pottery

Mary Teaching in Real Life

Mary in Second Life


Specializations: Art Education, Qualitative Research, International and Alternative Contexts, Adult Education, Visual Culture, Teaching on Virtual Worlds, Interdisciplinary Education.

Email: Mary.Stokrocki@asu.edu

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