Teaching at National Chiayi University in Taiwan, Fulbright 2012

Minsyong campus University Pond

See a short YouTube video of Mary Stokrocki's Fulbright work in Taiwan: On YouTube search forĀ 

Mary Stokrocki: Exchange Cultures through Digital Arts. This was filmed by Fulbright Taiwan at


Taiwan Grad Class Taiwan Grad Class

See Chun-Han Huang on Youtube Video: SecondLife-Robot's Dream


Students Interview Zinnia Zauber About her Installation Site, called Hue are You? Soon to be published"

Chen, Jin-Shiow & Stokrocki, M. Taiwanese Graduate Student Interviews with Avatars: A Participatory Action Research Study of Teaching & Learning New Literacies on Second Life. In M. Stokrocki (Editor). Exploration in Virtual Worlds: New Digital Multi-Media Literacy Investigations for Art Education. Reston, VA: National Art Education Association.


Grad Student Sculptures Graduate Students' Sculptures


Undergrad Students

Taiwanese Undergraduates’ Digital Story Quests for Art Treasures in Second Life [In Press]


Beautiful Pond Coffee Shop