Intergenerational Examination of Vogue Fashion Advertisement

Mary Stokrocki

InSEA Journal, 2005

Figures & Captions

1. The cover of Vogue featuring Ashley Judd was voted as the most energetic.


2. Holiday retreats were a dominant theme. Angela Missoni, designer of Judd’s dress, presents her family Sardinian hideaway, her favorite sports, clothing in her suitcase, and favorite cultural excursion.

3. The Panasonic ad for its digital camera was considered most noteworthy because of the extraordinary pose of two dancers entwined and balanced symmetrically.


4. Both the teenager and the middle-aged woman acknowledged that the ad for “Americaland” fashions by Target designer Stephen Sprouse was the most colorful but they wouldn’t wear it.


5. Participants voted Mistic juice drink ad as most “bizarre” because it tried to transfer notions of mystic power (signified) to the product (signifier), constructing a semiotic (symbolic) difference where is none.