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From left to right: (sitting) Randy Nelson, Kathy Lewis (standing) Jennifer Firestine, Tommy Ashton, Chau-Wen Chou, Peter Williams, Jennifer Krone, Dave Dogruel

Peter Williams - Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Randall W. Nelson - Now with Intrinsic BioProbes, Inc., Tempe, AZ

Chau-Wen Chou - Now with the P. Limbach group at Lousiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

Jennifer R. Krone - Now with Proteometrics LLC

J. Kathleen Lewis - Now with Applied Biosystems

Jennifer Firestine- Graduate Student

Tommy Ashton - Graduate Student

Dave Dogruel - Now with Ethylene Innovations Co., Los Alamos, NM

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Last modified on April 27, 2001
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