Pam Munoz Ryan



††††††††††† pammunozryan.jpgPam Munoz Ryan has written over 25 books during her time as an author.She has written award winning books such as Esperanza Rising and Riding Freedom.Ryanís love for literature began when she was just a little girl.During the summers she would ride her bike down to the library and just hang out and relax with a good book.She thought it was way better than hanging out at home since she did not have a pool and the library had air conditioning!Ryan was born and raised with her three sisters in California and still lives there today.Ryan prides herself on coming from a very eclectic background of Spanish, Mexican, Basque, Italian, and Oklahoman ancestry.††

Ryan received both her Bachelorís and Masterís degree from San Diego University.She started out as a teacher and eventually became an administrator.Over the years she received encouragement that she should try her hand at writing and she eventually wrote a book and has since become very successful.