A Break With Charity

By Ann Rinaldi

Historical Fiction






About the Author

          Ann Rinaldi was born in New York City on August 27, 1934. Shortly after she was born her mother died and she was sent to live with her aunt and uncle in Brooklyn. Looking back on the time spent with her uncle and aunt she says that this was, "the only happy part of my childhood." Shortly after, however, he father took her and her four siblings to live in New Jersey with him and a stepmother.
          Ann's father was a newspaper manager, however he discouraged her from becoming a writer. Her father and stepmother prohibited her from attending college, so after graduation she went to work as a secretary.
          In 1960, Ann was married to Ron Rinaldi. She was happy to have the stability of a marriage after her "crazy upbringing." Ann became a stay at home mom and had two children; at this time she realized that she wanted to become a novelist.
Ann began by writing four novels, which she decided were terrible. In 1969, she was given a column in the Somerset Messenger Gazette, which she made seven dollars a week writing. She went on to write newspaper columns and stories for the Trentonian daily.
          In 1979, Ann finished her first short story that she had been working on for years; this later became her first published novel, "Term Paper." Ann didn't intentionally write for young adults, she realized after the fact that it could be geared to young adults. Shortly after her first book was published, it was followed by a second called, "Promises are for Keeping."
          Ann became involved with history when her son, Ron, became a Revolutionary War reenactor. She traveled with him to historic sites and participated in the reenactments and really liked the involvement in history. After covering a reenactment for the Trentonian she realized that she wanted to write a book on the Revolutionary War. Ann really wanted to write a good book though, "not one utilizing all the myths and the famous figures." She soon wrote "Time Enough for Drums" and it quickly became her favorite. She then continued to write thoroughly researched historical fiction novels. In talking about young adults, Ann believes, "If I can turn them on to our country's past, and seize their imaginations as Ron's was seized, then I may succeed in doing something really worthwhile."

All quotes are from Ann Rinaldi and can be found in the biography of Ann Rinaldi here.

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