Activity/Assignment for “The Road of the Dead”


Introduction:  While reading Kevin Brooks’ book entitled, “The Road of the Dead,” you see two brothers embark on a journey to discover the truth about the rape/murder of their older sister Rachel. 


Activity:  Have you ever been on a quest, mission, or a journey for the truth about an event.  Or have


you ever been on a trip whether it be family or friends.  In these journeys you have a common goal


either to arrive at a destination or find out a secret.  In this writing activity write a 1-2 page personal narrative


describing this event.



Plan:  Have the students do a ten minute free write about a trip or event than for homework complete


a 1-2 page writing about this event.  Each student will receive a maximum of sixty points for this


assignment based on the six traits.





Click here for the rubric for the activity.