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Webquest Quiz

How Angel Peterson Got His Name, by Gary Paulsen


1. Look throught the pictures on the extreme sports website and pick one picture to relate to an event in the book. Note similarities bewteen extreme sports today and extreme sports in the book.


2. After reviewing the article on bearfighting, dicsuss and support your opinions on the issue. Is it inhumane? What are the possible consiquences of fighting bears?


3. What are the top male and female world records for land speedskiing? Compare the record in the story to the records of today. What does this say about the progress in sports?


4. In the essay on avoiding dog bites, do you think these suggestions truly work? Would you use them if you were in the situation. Discuss a time in which you have had an encounter with an aggressive dog.


5. Compare the features (i.e. looks and performance) of the 1939 Ford Sedan to the 2004 Ford vehicles of today. What are the major differences?


6. After reading the article on hearing angels, what is your general response to the article? What feelings do you have about people hearing angels?


7. Read through the facts about Minnesota and think of three interesting facts that you know about your home state.

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