Avi has had a long and successful career as a writer. While on his website-(, Avi states that Avi is the only name he uses; his real name is Edward Irving Wortis. Avi writes for children as well as adults. As of 2003, he has one three Newberry Honor Awards; one for Nothing But the Truth, The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, and Cripin: The Cross of Lead. In all, Avi has written 57 books! He is an author who writes across many genres including historical fiction, comedy, adventure, you name it.


Nothing But the Truth was written in 1992 and it follows the story of Philip Malloy and how one event can be misinterpreted and skewed. Nothing but the Truth is told in documentary style. In this Webquest, you will be invited to read the summary of the book, explore the links on the Hotlist page, and take a short quiz. The rubric is also included in the Webquest. Enjoy!




How to Use This Webquest


First, visit websites

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Next, read the summary

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Finally, take the quiz!

You can also check the

rubric to see how you will

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