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Young Adult Lit WebQuests

1.  Shirley Temple is an extremely popular icon from the 1940's.  Why is she significant to Toni Morrison's novel, The Bluest Eye?

2.  There is one response on the youth radio or opinions website dealing with eye color.  This particular person is dealing with an issue similar to what character in the novel?

3.  What media representations in the novel create a global standard of beauty like the one talked about in the Newsweek article?

4.  Role models are important to children.  What characters do you think serve as role models in the novel?

5.  Teen girls are flooded with images or standards of beauty from every angle.  What is one image that portrays this idea that you find particularly important in the novel?

6.  Over time, our society has accepted that a predominately white standard is what is beautiful.  In turn, if people don't fit this standard, they want to change.  Explain how the title correlates to this idea and maybe relate any of your own opinions, as well.

7.  The novel takes place in what time period?  How have some of the ideas presented changed since then?  How have some stayed the same?

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