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Book Summary

Growing up today is pretty hard. Growing up as a minority in a school where no one knows of your cultural background can be even harder, especially when you don't fully understand your own culture yourself. Dimple Lala is a teenager growing up in America, with Indian parents- who have Indian ways.  Along with their strange eating ways, clothing and embarrassing stories of Dimple, they are trying to  push the idea of an arranged marriage for their daughter, Dimple.

This story is about Dimple, a young girl who starts out hating her culture in the beginning of the book, because she can not relate to anyone but her parents about it- which she doesn't want to do. She not only has to deal with that, but she also is going through what every teen turn young adult goes through as well. Her tall, blond, beautiful best friend, Gwyn, is hanging out less and less with her, because Gwyn has a boyfriend now.  Plus Dimple still has a crush on her old boyfriend who dumped her last summer and to top it off- her parents are trying to set her up with another Indian! Her set up date turns out to be a total flop, or so she thinks!
Dimple's best friend is goes through plenty of drama as the books progresses and ends up needing Dimple well more than Dimple ever thought. Through helping her friend, Dimple discovers her own worth and beauty with out realizing it until later. She finds friendship with her parents and new love in the most unexpected of places.
Finding oneself, falling in and out of love- in not so ideal situations and growing to embrace new ideas are all hit upon in this story.
Book Genre: Embracing One's Culture, Culture Differences, Self Discovery, Experimenting, Teen Difficulties, Music, Friendships, Family Ties and Love.

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