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Young Adult Lit WebQuests

Catalyst QUIZ
available for download in MS Word by clicking here

After reading Laurie Halse Anderson's novel, please use the novel and the Internet Links on the web quest to write well developed multiple paragraph essays in answer to three of the following questions. You will need to use a balanced blend of information from the book and information from the Internet. See also the rubric page.

1. Identify one possible theme (Literary terms link) from the novel. Explain the plot events the author uses to develop it. Include at least two quotations from Catalyst and attempt to make one dialogue if possible.

2. Explain what perspective the author seems to be making on the following statement: Mikey's death could have been prevented.

3. Argue for or against the following statement: Kate Malone is a healthy well-balanced young lady.

4. How would you describe the relationship between Kate and her father as characterized by the author? Are there any aspects of this that might relate to the Preacher's Kid phenomenon/stereotype?

5. It has been said that every fictional work is at least partly autobiographical for the author. What connections can you make between Laurie Halse Anderson and Catalyst?

6. Kate's major problem on the surface is admission to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The admissions officer that Kate talks to (pretending to be Mrs. Malone) says that Kate's essays were not strong. If you were Kate's English teacher preparing her to write the admissions essay(s), what advice would you give her?

8. Defend the following statement: Teri Litch has integrity. Merriam-Webster defines integrity as "firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values" and "the quality or state of being complete or undivided." Merriam-Webster also says "see HONESTY." You may have to be a little creative in using Internet links-try stress and the Preacher's Kid article that outlines normal adolescence.

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