Book/author WebQuest

The Clique by Lisi Harrison


You can download these sites here.

Go to the hyperlinked sites. Read the article or early part of the story and then be prepared to answer questions.

  1. The four best friends, Massie, Dylan, Alicia, and Kristen regularly  indulge on one of America’s favorite coffee places: Starbucks, which is conveniently located inside their school

  2. Massie Block, the leader of the group loves taking rides on her horse Brownie across a beautiful, private land only available to those who pay their country club fees.

  3. The four best friends wear nothing but designer clothes and carry designer purses, one which includes a famous brand called Hermes.

  4. Alicia’s father is the one and only Geraldo Rivera, a well-known talk show host.

  5. Claire Lyons, the outsider who is staying with the mean and controlling Massie, gets even by posing as her on instant messaging.

  6. Massie, Dylan, Alicia, and Kristen design a cosmetic line, Glambition, for Kristen’s home-ec project and to hopefully become richer than they already are.

  7. The girls attend a private school in Westchester, New York, called Octavian Country Day (OCD).

  8. Dylan Marvil sucks down Atkins shakes to try to get rid of the extra fifteen pounds that won't seem to leave her hips alone.