1. Do you think that Trinity High School is an accurate portrait of a parochial school? How is it different/similar to your school?
  2. How is The Vigils hierarchy similar or dissimilar to real gangs?
  3. The Chocolate War frequently appears on banned book lists, how is banning a book related to the idea of “disturbing the universe”?
  4. How do the rules of football play into or mirror the “rules” of the school/Vigils?
  5. How might have Robert Cormier’s upbringing influenced this novel?
  6. Do you think Brother Leon has turned his classroom into Nazi Germany?
  7. What is Archie’s role throughout the book?
  8. Who does Archie believe to be the one to give power to The Vigils?
  9. Why does Jerry refuse to sell chocolate?
  10.  Is the ending justified? How would you write the ending?