Create a Newspaper!


Your Goal:To create a newspaper about 3 people of your choice who were involved in the Underground Railroad.


What to Do:


Step 1:First you need to choose only 3 people that interest you most from the listed links below.


Step 2:After you have decided on the 3 people start to gather interesting information about each of them in the form of notes.The interesting information can be about where they were born, what part they played in the underground railroad, were they a slave, where they lived, and any other information that you can find that might be interesting to put into a newspaper article.


Step 3:After you feel you have enough information about each person you can now go to the newspaper link below and begin to create your own newspaper.


Step 4:There are a total of 4 article boxes to put in information into and a place to title the Newspaper.Use the 3 larger ones to write up your own articles as a newspaper journalist.The fourth box is a free choice box to put something of your choice that you think would belong in a newspaper.The choice could be the weather, horoscope, featured articles, or something else that you have seen in a newspaper before.

®      For each article donít forget to put a headline that will capture the readerís attention.Example: Man Narrowly Escapes Enslavement

®      Make sure the articles are in your own words

®      Create an original title for your newspaper.Example: The Underground Gazette


Step 5:After you have completed steps 1-4 you can now add pictures.In the links you have already visited there are pictures of each person that you chose.To add pictures to the newspaper right click the picture of your choice from the website and click copy.Then return to the newspaper document and right click again and click paste.You can resize the picture to fit in the picture boxes.


Feel free to change around fonts to make your newspaper even more original.


If you have finished steps 1-5 congratulations on successfully creating your own newspaper!


People to Choose From:


Harriet Tubman

Reverend John Rankin

Lucretia Mott

Frederick Douglass

Thomas Garrett

William Still

Susan B. Anthony


Create Newspaper