How to Create a Freedom Collage


  1. Decide on a theme within the category of slavery, for instance themes like Slave Families, Plantation Slavery, and Slave Codes.


  1. Give it a title or a name.


  1. What ideas would you use to create one? Would you use images of slaves (portraits or pictures), images of artifacts found from certain periods like quilts, charts, maps and diagrams, miniature portraits, quotes, etc.


  1. Use the following links to find pictures for your collage.



      In addition to the webquest, try these:



  1. Construct your collage on a poster-sized board leaving none of the surface of the board visible.  You must have at least 20 images, artifacts, phrases, etc…



Evaluation:  You will be graded on the following:


Identification of theme and obviousness of theme in choice of images

Use of 20 or more components

Neatness and creativity of construction

Presentation of collage



                                              GRADING RUBRIC:


--- Has the student been able to incorporate various or at least a couple of themes on Slavery? (Minimum 3)


--- The collage should appear clean and organized, should neither look as if it has been made in haste nor appear untidy.


--- Has the student used around 15-20 components to create the collage?


--- If the collage is presented to the class, is the student clear in terms of speech and expression when s/he presents it?


--- During the presentation, is the student effectively able to link the idea of the collage images to the stories each picture (may) represent?